New Technologies Are Transforming Print Communications

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Elvis may have left the building, but paper isn’t going anywhere. Nowhere is that more apparent than billing and payments. Although people spend an average of five hours a day on mobile devices, a majority of households still receive their recurring bills in the mail and 63% pay their bills by mail, according to the USPS.

But hard-copy communications are not stuck in time. Significant advances in technologies for creating, managing and printing customer mailings are transforming paper communications, making them more versatile, personalized and effective. CCM systems make it fast and easy to develop and customize communications. And the latest high-speed, continuous-feed inkjet printers can produce those materials in full color for about the same price as black and white.

 Our newest white paper, The Power of Print: New Technologies Are Reinventing Paper Customer Communications examines these developments, including what you can do to maximize the value of your communications immediately. Download it here.

Quality, Speed, Color = IMPACT  

Paper communications have a vital role to play in delivering the kind of customer experience (CX) that builds loyalty and revenues. And color can make a world of difference.

Cost-effective high-volume, continuous-feed color inkjet print systems are replacing slower and more expensive printing and finishing processes. Cutting-edge inkjet systems boast ridiculously fast run speeds of up to 900 pages per minute, better image quality and consistency, and dynamic inline perforation for production of complex, data-driven customer communications.

With high-speed inkjet, you can be as creative with color in print as you are in digital channels. Dynamic color is a necessity for extending brand recognition and creating engaging graphics. Plus, it’s more effective at capturing people’s attention, according to Fast Company: Color can improve comprehension by 73%, learning from 55-68% and reading by 40%.

Paper communications using color are rapidly gaining ground. Digital color print volume has experienced double-digit annual growth in recent years, according to the Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization. The organization estimates by 2020, 73% of digitally printed direct mail will be produced with inkjet technology.

These new systems, including Nordis’ RICOH printers, offer full-color personalization in one pass. With variable printing, companies can dynamically change customer documents – colors, shading, graphics, photographs, charts, graphs, logos, text and messaging – to customize every communication with unique information that’s relevant to the individual. Expresso uses a combination of data, custom business rules and a centralized content library that allow you to present the right message, to the right customer at the right time.

Print + Digital = Better CX

While print communications remain popular and a strategic focus for CX, the truth is few people are all about paper, all of the time. Most people opt for a combination of paper and digital communications and payment methods. In fact, hybrid CX, a mix of physical and digital interactions, delivers the highest positive emotions for customers, according to Forrester’s Light on the Horizon, The State of Customer Experience Quality, 2019.

Nordis gives you the omnichannel platform to provide these eye-catching, personalized and hybrid experiences customers tend to prefer. Our state-of-the-art/state-of-the-science CCM and integrated print production innovations offer more flexible and powerful capabilities and greater control for companies to manage communications based on customer needs and preferences.

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