3 Expresso tips to make your job easier

Expresso Tips & Tricks: Every Time You Make a Content or Package Change, Do these 3 Things to Make Your Job Easier

Making content and package changes in Expresso™ is fast and easy, especially for experienced users. But even the savviest users can and do make mistakes, leading to documents where copy or a payment coupon drops off the page or content is superimposed on other content. (more…)
HOA Voting and Communications

From Policies to Pickleball: How ExpressoVote® Brings Convenience and Cost Savings to HOAs

About 74 million of us live in a community association, meaning at least once a year we’re asked to vote on association concerns. Ballots might include candidates for board positions, proposed bylaw changes, and a special assessment for needed maintenance or, more and more often, to fund a pickleball court. (more…)
Improve Digital Experiences So More Consumers Use Your Portal

6 Ways to Improve Digital Experiences So More Consumers Use Your Portal

Consumers keep telling companies that they want digital options for communications, ePresentment, account management and payments. But companies often struggle to attract customers to their online portals in the first place or keep consumers returning. (more…)
Timeshare leaders are building more value for vacation owners

Timeshare Leaders Focus on Building More Value for Owners

With owner demand and occupancy at unprecedented levels, vacation ownership leaders at the recent ARDA 2023 Spring Conference made it clear they are focusing on day-to-day operations to ensure a great stay for each guest—and strategic efforts to keep the good times rolling. (more…)
increase hiring success, recruit for the future

When Interviewing Job Candidates, Recruit for the Future, Not Just Today

It’s tough attracting new employees and retaining your talent these days. Companies are juggling workforce shortages, quiet quitting and employees’ changing job expectations, from wanting remote-only work to seeking out companies that offer purpose and not just a paycheck. (more…)
AP automation can eliminate time, money, and potential mistakes

AP Automation vs Accounts Payable Outsourcing: Which is the Best Fit for Your Business?

As businesses attempt to increase efficiency and reduce costs, they often look for solutions to streamline their operations. Regarding managing accounts payable, two options are AP (accounts payable) automation and accounts payable outsourcing services.  But which one is the best fit for your business? (more…)
better leader, better person

CEO Viewpoint: Train Yourself to Become a Better Leader

My personal experiences with leadership training have turned me into an advocate for corporate training that builds great leaders at our organization. I’ve found these courses have helped me to not only become a better business leader but a better person, which goes hand in hand. (more…)
automated return mail

Take Advantage of Automated Return Mail (ACS) Processing and Skip Tracing Services to Improve Efficiency and Cash Flow

Despite the growth in digital communications, undeliverable and returned-to-sender mail, including bills, late payment notices and other transactional communications, remain a serious burden for businesses. In FY2022, the number of undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mailings exceeded 5.6 billion pieces, or 4.3% of total volume, according to the U.S. Postal Service. (more…)