EV financing and communications

Electric Car Revolution Accelerates Need for Digital Transformation for Auto Finance Communications

When it comes to recent U.S. auto sales, it’s an interesting tale of two markets. (more…)
Preparation + Opportunity

Preparation + Opportunity = Strong Growth in 2022 and 2023

In looking back at 2022 and into 2023, I can say we at Nordis Technologies are living proof of Zig Ziglar’s famous saying that success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. (more…)
Digital Communications and Payments - ARM Firms

Accounts Receivable Management Firms to Increase Digital Communications and Payments

  Accounts receivable management firms are accelerating their digital push over the next 12 months. That’s the key finding of our recent pulse survey of ACA International Annual Conference attendees and other ARM executives. (more…)
customer engagement is top of mind

Customer Engagement Is Top of Mind at Fall Conferences

  The fall conference schedule for Nordis was a full one! (more…)
Driving Need for Omnichannel Auto Finance Communications

Economic Uncertainty, Higher Interest Rates Drive Need for Omnichannel Auto Finance Communications

  Boy, what a difference a few months make. Since May, the situation for auto inventories along with interest rates have changed dramatically. The number of vehicles on dealers’ lots are up but so are interest rates, spurred by a Federal Reserve that is rapidly raising its federal funds target rate to…
Business Texting Your Customers being shown by hands using a cell phone.

10 Reasons to Start Texting Your Customers ASAP

  If you think texting is great for reaching your kids and setting up happy hour with friends, but not for business, think again. (more…)
Man and woman on couch using cell phone to use digital communications and payment options with Nordis' omnichannel collects.

Companies Need to Gear Up for Rising Delinquent Consumer Debt by Shifting to Digital Communications and Payments

  Despite low unemployment and soon-to-be-implemented student loan relief, other economic forces including persistent inflation are making it tougher for more Americans to meet their financial obligations. If consumers are forced to choose which bills to pay each month, companies can improve the likelihood they will make the cut if their billing…
Young Asian Couple reading Clear Customer Communications

Clear Customer Communications, Preferably Digital, Is Key to Increasing CX for Mortgage Servicers

  Mortgages are a hot topic this summer. Not only are mortgage interest rates rising as the Federal Reserve tries to slow inflation, foreclosures are increasing since the end of pandemic forbearance. (more…)