technology that solves complexity

CEO Viewpoint: As Technology Becomes More Complex, It’s Important to Find Ways to Simplify

Remember the days of just three major TV stations? I do. Not that I’m nostalgic. I can say that the explosion in streaming services, cable channels and other ways to view TV shows and movies is a huge net positive. But let’s face it: It’s a lot more complicated, too. (more…)
Expresso for SMS/text messaging

Tips & Tricks: Make Text Messaging Easy and Effective with Expresso

If you aren’t using Expresso for text messaging, you are making it much harder than it has to be. (more…)
ExpressoPay EBPP platform

Think ExpressoPay® Is Just a Payment Portal? It Is So Much More

ExpressoPay is chock-full of capabilities that make it faster, easier, and more effective for you to handle consumer payments from multiple channels while delivering a better experience for your paying customers. (more…)
How You Communicate to Your Customers Can Help Get You Paid

As Delinquent Payments Increase, How You Communicate to Your Customers Can Help Get You Paid

U.S. households are struggling under a growing mountain of bills, with credit card debt passing $1 trillion this summer, according to the New York Fed. More people are falling behind on car loans and credit card payments than at any time in more than 10 years, according to a recent Washington Post…
The rise of real-time payments

U.S. Real-Time Payments Are Poised to Take Off

The rise of real-time payments is upending the payment process as we know it. It’s certainly not going to happen overnight, but this major innovation will eventually transform much, if not all, of how you get paid and how you pay–impacting just about every enterprise and consumer. It’s a major breakthrough in…
8 Best Practices for Gaining Consent for Text Messaging

Gaining Consent for Text Messaging: 8 Best Practices

Text messages that deliver payment alerts, reservation confirmations, links to billing statements and other business communications are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. To improve customer experience and engagement, more companies are adding text messaging as a key customer communications channel. (more…)
Leana Maharaj and Mike Rosini

Meet Our Team: Paying Attention to Details to Ensure Service Excellence

Meet team members Leana Maharaj, Director of Accounting, and Mike Rosini, Vice President of Operations. (more…)
A business woman manually updating billing and payments.

Improving Your Billing and Payment Services to Improve the Customer Experience

Table of Contents 1. Three Payment Trends 2. Deliver the Billing and Payment Experience that Customers Expect with Omnichannel 3. Digital Billing and Payments Score Rare Hat Trick: Improved Experiences for Customers, Suppliers, and Employees 4. How Self-Service Billing Solutions Provide Flexibility, Digital Customer Engagement, and Loyalty 5. CCM is Built for…
Understanding Your HIPAA Rights

Understanding Your HIPAA Rights

The Purpose of HIPAA HIPAA serves several essential purposes in the healthcare industry. First, it enhances individuals’ control over their health information by providing them with specific rights and protections. Secondly, it establishes national standards for the electronic exchange of health information to ensure consistency and compatibility among different healthcare systems. (more…)