CEO Viewpoint: No, Let’s Not Go Back to Normal

Plan for change and adapt

So many of us are saying, “Great, we’re finally going back to normal.” Certainly, I am thrilled that we’re able to reunite with family and friends, and more employees throughout the country are returning to their workplaces.

But I don’t think we can ever get back to where we were as a nation pre-pandemic and shouldn’t anyway. Much has changed in our personal and business lives, much actually for the better.

We’re now better at engaging at home and at work.

It’s wonderful that during the pandemic we got a chance to slow down and spend more quality time with family. Since I was not traveling for business, I also had time to work more closely with our employees. I am confident many of you experienced the same change.

We’re diving deeper into digital.

At Nordis, we have clients offering more digital experiences to their customers, from communications to payments. This is due, in part, to pandemic restrictions that sent people looking for contactless and remote ways to connect. Despite this push for digital, many consumers continue to prefer to receive bills or statements via mail. With Expresso® and our Print & Mail services, we offer omnichannel communications development and delivery, which makes catering to customer preferences easy and secure.

We’re more willing to quickly change to roll with the punches.

While we couldn’t predict a pandemic, our business continuity plan held up. But we are committed more than ever to anticipating and avoiding disruption, so we keep testing our preparations for natural disasters and other potential business interruptions.

We’re celebrating success as much as possible.

Another behavioral change that many in business adopted this past year – embrace and celebrate success, big and small. It’s so important to do that for yourself and your employees. At Nordis, we marked our 30th anniversary this past year. We also are celebrating the design upgrade for Expresso 6.0, which we rolled out on June 21.

Another milestone worth celebrating: We recently were granted a U.S. patent for our Expresso CCM system for 24 specific inventions! Applying for a patent is a long, arduous process that takes years of perseverance. I am grateful to our management team and all employees for their hard work and incredible tenacity to reach that goal.

So, no let’s not go back to normal. Let’s move forward. The future looks bright if you plan for change, embrace it when it comes along and then salute those who help you grab those victories.

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