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We’ve offered an electronic bill presentment and payment system (EBPP) for five years, steadily adding features, power and flexibility for managing this crucial part of the billing process. Plenty of our clients rely on ExpressoPay every day but some may not be acquainted with all our recent enhancements. And for those of you not yet using our EBPP application, we want you to know how it removes barriers to payments, offers more customer choice and improves customer experience (CX).

Meeting expectations for digital payments
ExpressoPay enables companies to cater to increasing demand for digital, especially mobile, payment options. More than half, or 55.5%, of Americans prefer to to pay their bills online, according to a January 2019 survey of 2,600 consumers by advocacy organization Consumer Action. Furthermore, of those who pay their bills online, 73% did so via biller-direct websites, according to a 2018 report from Aite, with consumers moving away from paying their bills via online banking.

With ExpressoPay, consumers and patients can view their billing statements and manage payments online, via mobile devices and by phone. It delivers the choice, convenience and ease of use that growing numbers of consumers expect from companies.

Billers benefit, too
Our system helps businesses get paid faster. You can reduce collection cycle time, billing expenses and days outstanding and subsequently improve cash flow. Consumers using digital wallet statements, for example, pay four days faster on average, with online payments overall increasing 14% and call center inquiries dropping 33%, Walletron says. Plus other key advantages:

  • Consumers who pay via a biller-direct website have a higher propensity to opt in for paperless billing, further reducing billing-related costs while catering to your customer preference.
  • Improves biller and consumer ease of use and customer service by consolidating all payment methods except in-person on a single integrated payments platform, eliminating the need to manage and reconcile multiple payment processing systems.

It also strengthens customer loyalty and brings customers back to your website, increasing cross-sell opportunities.

How does it work?
ExpressoPay is a secure cloud-based platform that’s as flexible and easy to use as Expresso.  It enables billers to:

  • Create online branded payment portals for themselves.
  • Build a branded payment experience for their loan servicing, healthcare revenue cycle management and other business clients.
  • Integrate with automated voice response systems and customer service centers (IVR/CSR).
  • Offer mobile connections including SMS/text and e-statements with payment links via ExpressoWallet, which is Nordis’ digital wallet.
  • Accept ACH, debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and AmazonPay.
  • Offer one-time and recurring payments and a variety of configurable payment plans, especially useful in healthcare where high deductible insurance plans mean patients are paying a higher percentage of overall costs.
  • Preserve and enhance merchant relationships since it works with any provider of merchant services.

We recently announced enhanced functionality that includes more options for setting up, changing and customizing payment plans as well as an easier-to-use customer service representative dashboard and navigation to deliver faster answers to customer inquiries.

Double the impact
ExpressoPay integrates seamlessly with Expresso and Nordis’ Print & Mail services, creating an option to combine print and electronic distribution. This complete billing and payments solution lets you create and deliver print and electronic invoices and manage the payment experiences through a single provider.

To learn more about the advantages of integrating communications and payments, please read our accompanying newsletter article here and if you’d like to learn more about how ExpressoPay can help your organization, please contact us at sales@nordistechnologies.com.