Meet Our Team: These Expresso™ Engineers Keep the Platform Customer-Focused and Cutting-Edge

Expresso Developers Victor Diaz and Sergio Vildosola

Meet team members Victor Diaz, Software Developer, and Sergio Vildosola, Senior Development Architect

Victor Diaz, Software Developer

Victor’s work is seen in nearly every Expresso application, having a hand in its development and maintenance. He also oversees the SMS/text messaging channel available through Expresso.

Lately, as companies seek to gather more insights from their data, much of his focus has been on maintaining Nordis’ data warehouse. This is essentially a copy of the daily processing database in a separate data repository. It stands apart from the database, so it can be manipulated without affecting Expresso’s performance.

In the data warehouse, Victor transforms information from multiple sources into reports and data files for clients. He also maintains numerous automated systems that generate daily reports or data files.

Victor has been in software development for 25 years, working on industry-specific applications in healthcare and law before joining Nordis in 2018.

“Some people may think our job is boring because we’re staring at a computer monitor all day looking at lines, thousands of lines of code,” he says. “But it’s so interesting. We solve problems. We write logic using computer code to find answers for clients.”

And is he a problem solver outside of work? “I have to be,” he laughs. “We have three kids.”

Though his role has a hybrid option, Victor is often in the Coral Springs office, staying until the work is done. He unwinds on his 40-mile commute home by listening to classical music. Russian composers Prokofiev and Rimsky-Korsakov are his favorites.

Weekends might find him smoking a Texas-style brisket or doing some mountain biking, a sport he’s been into “forever.” He and his wife Amy love to explore all of Florida’s beaches and springs with their kids and have been visiting colleges with their eldest son, a competitive swimmer and an academic standout.

Sergio Vildosola, Senior Development Architect

Sergio Vildosola is the scientist who grows and nurtures the Expresso ecosystem.

Leading a team of 15 developers, he designs and builds software, ensuring the different pieces both flourish and work together in harmony. One major component is the Expresso interface, which users see every day. Another is the engine that operates behind the scenes, processing data. Sergio keeps Expresso’s technology world-class and customer-focused and has done so since joining Nordis in 2016.

As business requirements change, so does Expresso, whether to add functionality or make processes more efficient or more secure. Sergio and his team generally work on two or three large projects each month, and Sergio oversees release management as software moves from the development stage to the production stage.  

“One of the most interesting projects this year didn’t involve software development but it touched every system and process,” Sergio says. “We moved to a new cloud hosting provider. Think about it – you have a train speeding ahead, 24/7, and you need to place it on a different track. And the train never slows or stops. It took tremendous preparation and testing by the team and much collaboration across the company. It was challenging and fun.” Fun? “Well, looking back on it. Maybe not right then.”

His household is definitely fun. He and his wife have two girls, ages 6 and 2. He says he’s blessed to have his mother and mother-in-law living with them. As for hobbies, Sergio’s passion is aviation. He is working toward his private pilot license and completed his first solo flight. He also loves working on cars.

“I was always intrigued by and attracted to machines and still am, from binary machines like computers, to cars and aircraft,” says Sergio. “With computers, it’s being able to speak their language, understand how they operate and to be able to create tools for businesses. That’s really satisfying.”

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