The Key Lesson From 30 Years of Building a Business

Team chemistry matters more than individual talent to build a business

In real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. With Nordis Technologies celebrating its 30th anniversary this month, I can tell you the key to building a business is people, people, people.

Of course, there are many important pieces to growing a business.  You must set and execute a strong strategy, invest in innovative technology, implement efficient processes, and so on. But none of it will get you very far without the right employees, partners and customers.

That’s not to say I understood this from the start. I tried doing everything myself at first, then I micromanaged the people I hired. Early on, I also asked employees to take on responsibilities they weren’t ready for, without providing training or support.

These days, I surround myself with great people and apply these hard-won lessons:

  • Team chemistry matters more than individual talent. Business is a team sport, and how teams work together is more important than any individual, no matter how expert. I’ve also learned you don’t always get the right team out of the gate.
  • Be patient and help employees grow. It’s crucial to give employees time to hit their stride. It requires understanding their skills and strengths, putting them in positions where they can succeed and helping them grow.
  • Be willing to make employee changes. It’s equally important to recognize that when things aren’t working or when they stop working, you need to let people move on to find an employer where they are a better fit.
  • Give them the tools, processes, and training they need to succeed. As we’ve grown, we’ve put in place more formal structures, standardized roles and responsibilities, and invested in technology to move from manual to automated processes. It’s an ongoing focus: We’ve recently started Six Sigma training, with several employees already Green Belts.
  • Build a cohesive culture. One thing that we got right from Day 1 was prioritizing customers and excellent service. Along the way, we’ve added key partnerships, including Mastercard, ACI and Fifth Third Bank, that have helped broaden our customer offerings and reach. We’ve also rolled out employee programs and messaging that reinforce our values and expectations, including employee awards for those who demonstrate PEAK (Passion, Execution, Agility and Knowledge) Performance.

Going forward

Over the years, I’ve also learned a lot about myself and have become more spiritual. Here is how I see the path forward for myself and my management team:

  • Impeccable integrity
  • Divine love–for all to be well, feel well, do well
  • Continued relentless focus on our customers and partner relationships
  • Create value to positively impact the entire business ecosystem
  • Focus on the future—leading the way in communications and payments

I appreciate all who have traveled on this journey with Nordis, helping us become the company we are today. And I hope you will continue to join us, making us all better, in the years to come.

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About the Author

Ronnie is a passionate entrepreneur and leader of Nordis Technologies. His focus on clients and ability to identify and deliver opportunities for dramatically improving customer communications and payments management has been instrumental in driving the company’s ­­­­rapid growth. In addition to setting Nordis’ strategic direction, Ronnie is closely involved in day-to-day operations and business development. 

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