Healthcare RCM Leader Sutherland Uses Design Thinking and Patient Journey Maps to Empathize with Patients and Improve Customer Experience

We’ve all been a patient at some point in our lives, and illness aside, the experience is rarely pleasant. Many shortcomings exist in the myriad revenue cycle operations before, during and after treatment. Remember scrambling to find a local doctor who accepted your health insurance, was accepting new patients, was highly rated by…

Vacation Ownership: ARDA World 2018 Reveals More Sunshine Ahead

  What a great show and fabulous venue for ARDA World 2018 in Las Vegas! Fortunately, my top takeaways from the event strongly suggest that what happens in Vegas isn’t staying in Vegas: Trends point to continued good times for the vacation ownership industry and its customers. (more…)

ARDA World 2018: Mapping the Customer Journey Goes Prime Time

  I am proud to say we had a sell-out crowd at our workshop, called “From Lead to Loyalty: A Vacation Owner’s Journey,” at ARDA World 2018 held this first week of May in Las Vegas. The draw for our 160 attendees: Frank discussions and practical advice about taking that critical step…

User Generated Content Ideas Will Power Your Marketing

Sure, customers can be great ambassadors for products or services and often don’t hesitate to express themselves through online product reviews, tweets, testimonials, videos and blog posts. But how much should you encourage or feature this user-generated content created by unpaid contributors?  Answer, a lot. In the following, I suggest some user-generated…

Protecting Customer Payment Data: June Deadline For Meeting Stricter PCI DSS Rules

  While technology has made it fast and easy to process debit and credit cards for customer payments in person, by phone and online, it can also leave companies and their customers vulnerable to data breaches and other hacking. To safeguard card user information, the major payment card association brands (Visa, MasterCard,…

Prioritizing the Patient Journey

The latest competitive strategy: Walk a mile in someone’s shoes. In healthcare, that means understanding and mapping the patient journey. (more…)

Making compliance a breeze for customer communications with CCM applications

Keeping up with changing disclosure mandates, privacy laws, security regulations and other compliance requirements for customer billing statements and letters is a real high-wire act for many organizations, especially in heavily regulated sectors such as healthcare, financial services and collections.  (more…)

Color Is the New Black in Communications

Speed skaters preparing for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea are embracing blue as they dream of gold. That’s because some countries, in an effort to give their athletes any legal edge in these international games, are buying into a circulating theory that blue is the fastest color, according to a…

Name That Invention!

Phonograph. Check. Light bulb. Check. Stock ticker. Check. Motion picture camera. Check. These are some of the best-known innovations of Thomas Alva Edison, who held 1,093 U.S. patents. So what was his first patented invention?  (more…)