Digital Drives Recovery for Auto Lenders and Dealers-AFS 2020 Logo

Digital Drives Recovery for Auto Lenders and Dealers: Key Takeaways from Auto Finance Summit 2020

2020 is shaping up to be a far better year than anyone in the auto industry would have predicted in the spring, when dealerships and vehicle manufacturers shut down for several months. (more…)
technology is revolutionizing printing with high-speed inkjet

Commercial Printers and Lettershops Have Come a Long Way. Has Yours Kept Up?

Is your print vendor running at the speed of your business? See what Nordis can do for you. (more…)
omnichannel communications for collections

Collections Needs Flexibility and Omnichannel Communications Now More Than Ever

The collections rules for communicating with consumers keep changing. Take 2020: (more…)
close-up of hands using mobile phone

How Self-Service Billing Solutions Provide Flexibility, Digital Customer Engagement and Loyalty

I have a close friend who routinely dismisses all offers of lower premiums from property casualty companies. Why? His insurance provider took great care of him when his Florida home was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew. That was nearly 30 years ago, and he’s still not interested in even considering switching insurers! (more…)
Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning Pays Off for Billing Services

Getting bills out on time and receiving prompt payments is fundamental to staying in business. As the provider of technology platforms and print and mail services that our clients depend on to make these activities happen, we take our responsibility to stay up and running extremely seriously. (more…)
ccm customer communications management

Using Flexible CCM Software and Services to Connect with and Update Customers During the Pandemic

The power of cloud software for customer communications is on full display during this pandemic, enabling people to safely and securely continue doing their jobs from home and to stay connected, compliant and relevant to customers. (more…)