Helpful Tips

Tips & Tricks: Prevent Document and Data Mistakes with Review Output and Dynamic Review Output

Want to boost your quality assurance and risk management? Then, make Expresso’s™ review output and dynamic review output capabilities standard operating procedure in your communications workflow. With review output, you can be certain that documents are accurate before they go out. (more…)
personalized patient financial communications

Patient Communications Can Drive Much-Needed Consumer Trust and Engagement in Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations have a problem with patients trusting them. Only 23% of consumers completely trust the healthcare industry, according to the second Connected Health Consumer Report by Salesforce. A 2022 Gallup poll found that strong confidence in the U.S. medical system fell 6 points to 38% from 2021. (more…)
engage through better communications

Mortgage Communications Survey Underscores Challenges, Opportunities Highlighted at Recent MBA Servicing Solutions Conference

One clear takeaway emerged from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Servicing Solutions February conference with its theme of “Roadmap to Servicing Success”: Mortgage servicers are facing some bumps on that road to prosperity. (more…)
annual customer satisfaction surveys

Annual Customer Surveys, Net Promoter Scores Remain Top Choices for Measuring Client Happiness

Consumers have growing expectations for companies they do business with, from seamless experiences across touchpoints and greater convenience and simplicity in their interactions to digital and self-service options. Not surprisingly, senior executives are responding by making  customer experience a strategic focus. (more…)
Mortgage Servicers Map Out Success

Mortgage Servicers Map Out Success with Improved CX and Operational Efficiencies

Cyclical challenges continue in the mortgage industry, but recent industry research says companies are carefully stepping up their technology investments, particularly in cloud-based solutions and servicing tools. (more…)
successful text messaging for business

6 Key Takeaways from Nordis Webinar on Getting Started with Text Messaging

More businesses want to add text messaging to their omnichannel customer communications but aren’t sure how to proceed. To demystify the process, we held a webinar that set out the path from concept to reality. Here are some key takeaways. (more…)
EV financing and communications

Electric Car Revolution Accelerates Need for Digital Transformation for Auto Finance Communications

When it comes to recent U.S. auto sales, it’s an interesting tale of two markets. (more…)
Preparation + Opportunity

Preparation + Opportunity = Strong Growth in 2022 and 2023

In looking back at 2022 and into 2023, I can say we at Nordis Technologies are living proof of Zig Ziglar’s famous saying that success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. (more…)