2022 Pantone Color of the Year

Color of the Year Choices Bloom in 2022

More Than Just the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year My annual color blog is usually one of the best reads of the year. It seems like everyone likes to pepper their lives with color and why not? (more…)
pushing forward during a rollercoaster 2021

Pushing Forward During a Rollercoaster 2021 and into 2022

  Navigating the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced Nordis Technologies to quickly adapt and adapt again. After another year in 2021 that tried and tested us, I can say that we have come out the other side stronger, better positioned than ever to support our clients and their strategic goals. (more…)
Top CCM Solution

Recognition as a Top CCM Solution Caps Big Year for Nordis Technologies

  It started as a way to reduce a major pain point for the clients of our printing services. (more…)
MAn working on Nordis' CCM Platform with a computer to customize the omnichannel communication platform.

Want the Immediate Benefits of Moving to a CCM Platform? Choose One that Doesn’t Need a Big IT Lift

  As a longtime technology geek, I’ve seen how technology can help companies solve pain points. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed working hands-on with developers to use information technology to achieve business objectives. (more…)
Healthcare RCM digital transformation-paying bills online

Healthcare RCM Needs to Leverage CCM and Prioritize Digital Transformation to Drive Provider Revenues and Patient Engagement

  The COVID-19 crisis has shown how quickly and ingeniously healthcare can rewrite its playbook, from telehealth expansion to work-from-home business operations. But patients haven’t enjoyed the same innovation in billing and payments. (more…)
Auto Finance Customer Communications

Key Strategies to Build Customer Loyalty with Auto Finance Communications

  Technology innovations and supply shortages are upending long-standing vehicle buying patterns, but these emerging trends simply reinforce the need to keep a sharp focus on customers. (more…)
print and mail outsourcing

What You Need to Know About Paper Shortages

  Mitigating Inconsistent Paper Availability and Delays Like many products since the start of the pandemic, paper is sometimes harder to come by and takes longer to arrive. Paper shortages and delays may last into 2023, so it’s prudent that billers and other organizations sending paper-based customer communications take action to mitigate…
US Postal Service logo on laptop screen

U.S. Mail Transit Times Are Changing. Here’s What to Do Now.

  In a time when technology is continuously speeding everything up, the U.S. Postal Service is slowing down—at least for nearly 40% of First-Class Mail. (more…)
Automated Return Mail Solutions

Automated Return Mail Solutions Deliver Savings, Faster Payments

  Moving is always a headache. Just ask any biller since customer moves account for a major portion of return mail. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 9.8% of the population moves every year. But of those 31 million people, only 60% file a Change of Address with the USPS. (more…)