The Next 50 Years of Vacation Ownership Innovation: Put Customers First and Embrace Change

  Vacation ownership innovation past, present and future dominated the recent ARDA World annual conference, especially during the interactive forum “Celebrating 50 Forward – Innovators and Influencers,” sponsored by Nordis Technologies. (more…)

7 Key CCM Capabilities and How Nordis Stacks Up

  For most of us, buying technology, whether it’s a laptop or wireless speakers, is far from straightforward or fast. What features do you need? Which brand is better? How do you figure out the best option in your price range? And so on. (more…)

A Primer on Printing Terms for Optimizing Customer Mailings

  While digital gets a lot of attention, paper remains a cornerstone of any customer communications program. A majority of Americans continues to receive bills by mail and legal documents are regularly sent by Certified Mail®. (more…)

Vacation Ownership Industry Offers Women Great Career Opportunities in Technology

When ARDA asked me to participate on a panel “Working Your Way to the Top — Technology Career Opportunities for Women” at the recent ARDA WIN regional conference, I jumped at the opportunity for three reasons: (more…)