Forrester: Customer Communications Drives Customer Experience and Revenues

From Amazon to Apple to Netflix and beyond, focusing on delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX) is a hot growth strategy these days. But customer experience at U.S. companies actually got worse overall in 2017, according to analyst firm Forrester, which measured CX trends at 314 brands in 21 industries to see…

Taming the Return Mail Problem

Undelivered customer mail is the stuff of bad business: Bills not arriving and thus not getting paid, customers upset about not receiving timely statements, and the truly staggering cost that can exceed $50 per returned piece, according to Pitney-Bowes.    (more…)

Takeaways from Becker’s Health IT + Revenue Cycle Meeting

It’s a good thing I didn’t travel last week to Chicago for the fall weather: I can enjoy 90+ heat every day of the week at our headquarters in southern Florida. Aside from the Second City’s record-breaking heat wave, though, Becker’s 3rd Annual Health IT + Revenue Cycle Meeting was well worth…

Consumer Payment Trends and What To Do About Them

Whether it’s mortgage or car payments, medical bills or homeowner association fees, people are changing how they handle their bills. Here’s some important trends to know, based on research including the 2017 report How Americans Pay Their Bills, and what to do about them: (more…)

The Case for APIs to Improve Document Storage and Retrieval

  It’s no secret:  A whole lot of companies’ document storage and retrieval practices are mired in the past. A straightforward tactic called API, or application program interface, leverages existing technology to boost access, productivity and customer service to get you unstuck and up to speed.  (more…)