Product Showcase: Expresso Innovations Speed Digital Transformations

Expresso innovations speed digital transformations

When Nordis Technologies launched its Expresso™ Customer Communications Management system in 2005, there was nothing quite like it in the market, namely a print/mail company offering its clients self-provisioning access to manage their critical recurring communications.

Since its debut more than 15 years ago, we have continued to evolve Expresso in step with and sometimes ahead of client needs.

We’ve aimed to make it easy to use and deliver a superior experience by consolidating more customer interactions and touchpoints on a single system. For example, early on we added email as a new channel to direct communications using the same data, content and business rules configured to drive print communications.

We’ve added to our Expresso communications engine with first-to-market enhancements:

  • ExpressoVote® HOA election services
  • ExpressoPay® for integrated electronic bill presentment and payments with communications
  • And new omnichannel delivery options including ExpressoCertified®, SMS/text and ExpressoWallet®

Expresso offers a dynamic self-service platform for creating and managing communications, integrated with production and distribution ‒ print/mail and digital channels ‒ for true omnichannel delivery. It’s CCM+E, with the “E” for execution, that helps clients simplify their customer communications and related experiences and meet their digital transformation goals.

Patently innovative

Don’t just take our word for it. Nordis was recently awarded a U.S. patent for 24 specific inventions for Expresso, including customized communication development by users with specific rules and approvals and custom delivery setups, and our innovative approach to omnichannel. Read more about our recently awarded patent here.

Expresso 6.0

We keep advancing Expresso to improve your experience and capabilities. Just this month, we introduced Expresso 6.0, with a design upgrade to deliver a clean, modern look and a more intuitive experience for users. Check out NordisConnect “Tips & Tricks” feature for details.

Next up is the planned launch of a new Dashboard that will enhance the home page with user-defined metrics and reporting. It will enable you to personalize your experience with data widgets that highlight reporting and other meaningful information, customizable for each of your business users.

Platform excellence

With Expresso, you have the control and agility to meet market demands and build stronger relationships with clients as you and they digitally transform operations for greater efficiency, productivity and speed.

It starts with composition. Clients easily create and manage personalized customer communications with direct access to document templates and mailing package options. Modular content management streamlines communication updates and automated business rules enable personalized, brand-specific content and messaging. Expresso’s real-time editing allows users to revise multiple documents across multiple organizations, and test, review and proof in minutes.

Data integration is fast and easy with data-agnostic Expresso, which supports multiple data formats, file types and secure transmission methods, streamlined into one automated workflow. Send batch files using SFTP, leverage API to send and receive files via real-time interface or provide PDF print-ready files.

Expresso’s omnichannel delivery eliminates the need for different software, workflows or vendors to execute multichannel communications. Once Nordis receives the package, our print and digital production and distribution execute as instructed. We also allow clients to lead with digital delivery, track the level of engagement and follow with a hard copy if/when required.

Expresso’s advanced features support all your ongoing management activity. Communications are automatically archived to the cloud, retrievable in real-time. We also can return PDFs of records via SFTP. Create comprehensive, automated and ad-hoc reports with Expresso’s robust reporting engine. You’ve built your own data warehouse with Expresso and can draw on the data for analysis.

As we continue to develop Expresso innovations, our focus is squarely on keeping our clients ahead of the pack with advanced communications and payments solutions.

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