Drive revenue and engagement with fast,
dynamic healthcare communications

Enhance patient engagement and financial performance with an innovative healthcare communications solution

From receiving care in a retail setting to paying their medical bills on a smartphone, healthcare consumers are shaking up how they interact with providers. Expresso® communications management software helps healthcare providers and revenue cycle management companies nimbly respond to these changes with a convenient cloud-based application for creating and managing patient communications. With our HIPAA-compliant system, you can streamline new facility onboarding, gain visibility and control over your document management and production, and simplify compliance.

Some of the largest revenue cycle management companies in the industry rely on us to help them optimize and manage their communications and payments for their health system clients.

A proven path for driving new levels of performance for healthcare providers and revenue cycle management companies, Expresso® gives.

you complete freedom to create and edit critical, personalized communications from your desktop in minutes. With our always-on, scalable system, you just point and click to update content in patient statements or change document templates. Our turnkey solution covers the entire communications cycle. Learn more about our integrated Print & Mail services. 

With more than 10 years of experience working with healthcare clients, we understand the specific needs of the industry. Expresso® makes it easy for you to comply with standards including the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s patient-friendly billing guidelines and emerging regulations. Handy features include a document management audit trail, the ability to quickly and easily access online archives and print on demand technology.

Nordis for healthcare delivers the only end-to-end solution for patient financial engagement. Create a quality healthcare consumer financial experience and drive satisfaction, loyalty, financial performance and compliance with Expresso®ExpressoPay®, and Print/Mail solutions.

With Expresso®, you develop your own content library and document templates. Then dynamically merge text, images, and logos to create personalized statements, verifications of payment and other materials. Our sophisticated rules engine also streamlines disclosures: When you revise this content in one location in your content library, it automatically updates other affected documents.

Governance, Recognition & Associations

With ExpressoPay®, you can add valuable digital consumer services and offer your customers electronic bill presentment and the ability to make payments via your branded payment portal, mobile device, or IVR/CSR. With our PCI compliant application accept credit and debit card and ACH payments. Consumers can make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments or payment plans with notifications. On its own or integrated with Expresso®, ExpressoPay® is a powerful platform that is fast and easy to integrate into virtually any environment.

With Expresso® for healthcare communications, you can:

Accelerate client onboarding

Use our patent-pending technology to slash onboarding time from months to days. Create branded, personalized communications in just minutes.

Leverage innovative technology

Our cloud-based software is simple to use, accessed through a web browser. It requires no additional software or internal support and open API easily integrates with third-party systems.

Strengthen security and compliance

Our systems, processes and production facilities are HIPAA-compliant and provide a secure business environment that includes PCI, SSAE-16 Type 2 and SOC2 certification.

Gain control

You can run the entire communications process from your computer using Expresso®, from developing communications, handling reviews, securing approvals, tracking print and electronic distribution in real-time and generating reports, with no need for any back-and-forth with your print vendor.

Improve cash flow

Meet consumer expectations for efficient, compliant digital payment options for both one-time and recurring payments (including rules-based payment plans) with ExpressoPay®. Electronic presentment of letters and statements and archived documents are available to patients who opt in as well as to your customer service staff.

Streamline document management

Reduce the number of document versions you manage with dynamic content capabilities. Lower your costs and increase patient satisfaction with consolidated billing statements, combining charges from multiple service lines into one statement.

Patient Engagement Cycle

With Expresso®, our patent pending solution, businesses can significantly improve the manner in which they manage their patient communications. The platform enables non-technical personnel to quickly and efficiently develop personalized document content utilizing a secure, cloud-based portal, manage critical business rules, and review final proofs.

Nordis helps Convergent’s healthcare revenue cycle management service bring speed, accuracy to patient communications

“We’ve had challenges with previous vendors. They’d make a change without telling us and simply took too long to make simple logo or disclosure modifications. Nordis Technologies and Expresso have been 100% reliable,” says Brian Smith, Convergent’s Statement and Letter Manager.


Convergent Revenue Cycle Management struggled to find a print/mail partner that consistently produced error-free patient statements, bills and other financial documents and delivered them on time. As the face of patient collections and related correspondence for its hospital clients, Convergent needed much greater control over the pace and quality of crucial patient communications.


Convergent turned to Nordis Technologies to better manage the entire cycle of communications and payments for its provider clients. With Nordis’ cloud-based Expresso solution, the company quickly and easily develops hospital-specific patient statements and collections correspondence. Nordis then produces and mails the patient billing statements while optimizing Convergent’s postage costs.

Convergent also uses ExpressoPay for online payments and recurring rules-driven payment plans, creating branded and customized payment portals for each provider. To provide excellent customer service, Convergent’s call center staff uses the Expresso application to instantly retrieve a patient’s statement to review on a call – a process that once took minutes, if the document was available at all.

“Considering the pace and competitive nature of this industry, I need to be in control. Waiting on someone else does not work,” says Brian Smith, Statement and Letter Manager for Convergent. “With Expresso and ExpressoPay, I’ve onboarded multi-hospital healthcare systems with tens-of-thousands of patient files in less than a week, with customized documents featuring each hospital’s logos and designs, personalized patient communications, and a branded payment portal.


  • More than 100 hospitals trust Convergent and its expertise with the Expresso platform.
  • Convergent reports a dramatic increase in quality output – 100% accuracy with Nordis Technologies.
  • ExpressoPay’s secure one-time payment option speeds collections, enabling secure payments.
  • ExpressoPay’s enrollment functionality provides patients a more satisfying payment experience, including viewing statements online and storing preferred credit card or ACH accounts. Rules-driven payment plans can be configured to each hospital’s guidelines.
  • Improved patient services and expanded client offerings.
  • Always on, cloud-based technology and two production facilities ensure 24/7 business continuity.