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Healthcare’s leading customer communications and payments platform for powering a personalized patient financial journey from mail to mobile – with speed, agility and control.

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Accelerate financial performance with agile customer communications and consumer-centric payment options.

The Expresso™ customer communications management (CCM) platform gives you complete control over creating, modifying and distributing electronic and mailed billing statements, compliance and collections letters, payment confirmations, and other critical recurring customer documents.

Our patient financial communications technology platform integrates seamlessly with our print and mail services to let you automate and manage every step from your desktop, quickly onboarding provider clients and personalizing patient communications to drive revenue – faster.

35% conversion from print to digital communications by using Expresso
78% increase in communications efficiencies by using Expresso
  • Easily populate your own content library with text, logos, images and more that are unique to each of the provider clients you service.
  • Upload a single data file and dynamically merge key financial details to customize and personalize your communications.
  • Automate document templates for all of your recurring communication programs, enhancing control of your brand identity and strengthening compliance.
  • Give patients a choice to receive communications via digital channels including email, text or mobile wallet.
  • Combine Expresso with Nordis’ state-of-the-art print and mail centers for secure delivery (no outsourcing to multiple vendors).

• Patient Statements • Explanation of Benefits • Compliance Communications • Collection Letters (first and third party) •
• CMS 1500 Forms • Appointment Confirmations and Reminders • Marketing Communications • Refund Checks •

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ExpressoPay® Digital Patient Engagement

It’s no surprise that today’s healthcare consumers expect a more convenient financial experience similar to that of retail, travel and banking. And recent industry research by Cedar, Inc. tells us that 41% of U.S. consumers would stop going to their healthcare provider over a poor digital experience. By adding the ExpressoPay® branded payment platform into the mix, you have even more options to engage with patients and collect revenue faster.

  • Receive online payments via your branded payment portal, mobile device or IVR/CSR.
  • Customize outreach based on preferred patient communication channels – including text, mobile and email.
  • Accept credit, debit and ACH payments through our PCI DSS level one compliant platform.
  • Optimize collections with one-time payment or set up recurring payments or rules-driven payment plans with notifications.
  • On its own or integrated with ExpressoHealth®, ExpressoPay easily integrates into virtually any environment.

With Expresso™ for healthcare communications, you can:

Accelerate client onboarding

Use our patented technology to slash new provider onboarding time from months to days. Create branded, personalized communications in just minutes.

Leverage modern technology

Our cloud-based software is simple to use, accessed through a web browser. It requires no additional software or internal support and open API easily integrates with third-party systems.

Strengthen security and compliance

Our systems, processes and production facilities are HIPAA-compliant and provide a secure business environment that includes PCI DSS Level One and SOC2 Type2 certification.

Gain control

You can run the entire patient financial communications process from your computer using ExpressoHealth®, with no need for any back-and-forth with your print vendor or extra costs.

Improve cash flow with omnichannel delivery

Meet consumer expectations for efficient, compliant payment communications – from mail to mobile – that lead to happier patients and a healthier bottom line.

Streamline document management

Reduce the number of document versions you manage with dynamic content capabilities. Lower your costs and increase patient satisfaction with consolidated billing statements, combining charges from multiple service lines into one statement.

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You don’t need more technology. You need the right technology.

Non-technical personnel rely on Nordis to help manage the entire patient engagement cycle, catered to patient financial communication preferences, utilizing a secure, cloud-based portal. Here’s how it works:

Convergent provides customer contact management services to help lower costs

Nordis helps Convergent’s healthcare revenue cycle management service bring speed, accuracy to patient communications

“We’ve had challenges with previous vendors. They’d make a change without telling us and simply took too long to make simple logo or disclosure modifications. Nordis Technologies and Expresso have been 100% reliable,” says Brian Smith, Convergent’s Statement and Letter Manager.


Convergent Revenue Cycle Management struggled to find a print/mail partner that consistently produced error-free patient statements, bills and other financial documents and delivered them on time. As the face of patient collections and related correspondence for its hospital clients, Convergent needed much greater control over the pace and quality of crucial patient communications.


Convergent turned to Nordis Technologies to better manage the entire cycle of communications and payments for its provider clients. With Nordis’ cloud-based Expresso solution, the company quickly and easily develops hospital-specific patient statements and collections correspondence. Nordis then produces and mails the patient billing statements while optimizing Convergent’s postage costs.

Convergent also uses ExpressoPay for online payments and recurring rules-driven payment plans, creating branded and customized payment portals for each provider. To provide excellent customer service, Convergent’s call center staff uses the Expresso application to instantly retrieve a patient’s statement to review on a call – a process that once took minutes, if the document was available at all.

“Considering the pace and competitive nature of this industry, I need to be in control. Waiting on someone else does not work,” says Brian Smith, Statement and Letter Manager for Convergent. “With Expresso and ExpressoPay, I’ve onboarded multi-hospital healthcare systems with tens-of-thousands of patient files in less than a week, with customized documents featuring each hospital’s logos and designs, personalized patient communications, and a branded payment portal.


  • More than 100 hospitals trust Convergent and its expertise with the Expresso platform.
  • Convergent reports a dramatic increase in quality output – 100% accuracy with Nordis Technologies.
  • ExpressoPay’s secure one-time payment option speeds collections, enabling secure payments.
  • ExpressoPay’s enrollment functionality provides patients a more satisfying payment experience, including viewing statements online and storing preferred credit card or ACH accounts. Rules-driven payment plans can be configured to each hospital’s guidelines.
  • Improved patient services and expanded client offerings.
  • Always on, cloud-based technology and two production facilities ensure 24/7 business continuity.

Expresso Healthcare Communications FAQs

Why is healthcare communication important?

Communicating with patients about their financial responsibility allows you to get paid faster. The essential part of healthcare financial communications is giving patients a clear understanding of how much they owe and multiple ways to resolve their bills. Nordis Technologies is the healthcare financial communications leader with more options for sending patient statements and more methods for patients to pay their bills.

How to improve healthcare communication?

Over 30% of patients indicate paying for healthcare is inconvenient, even when it’s affordable. Patients prefer electronic communications and paying with debit or credit cards. When patient statement vendors offer more options, patients can choose whatever payment type works for them.

Flexibility prompts quicker payment and lets the healthcare provider show that they care about their patient’s needs and preferences. Nordis Technologies patient communication services provide many flexible options for sending patient statements, like email, SMS, and print mail.

How often should patients receive a billing statement?

It takes approximately 3-4 billing statements to get a patient to pay their bill in full. That number can be reduced by presenting a clear understanding of the patient’s portion of the balance,taking into consideration what insurance is covering, and offering more options for payment. Expresso healthcare communication software allows many payment options and allows healthcare providers to send statements with the client’s preferred method of receiving bills.

What to look for in patient statement vendors?

Your patient statement vendor should give you agile healthcare communication software, allow you to accept a wide range of payment types, and merge digital and print mail communications.

Expresso healthcare communication software provides all these vital services that allow you to accelerate your revenue cycle. Nordis’ print mail integration is the industry’s most innovative and practical financial communications software.

Why choose the Expresso patient communication platform?

Expresso patient communication services give you unparalleled control over creating, modifying, and distributing financial communications for healthcare providers.

Expresso healthcare communication software allows you to convert patient statements into revenue 35% faster. Expresso also will enable you to cycle communications to patients 78% quicker.

How are patient statements generated in Expresso?

Expresso lets you create your content library with logos, text, and images. You can upload a single data file to merge and personalize your patient financial communication dynamically. You can easily automate your recurring patient statements allowing you to cycle communications faster for improved revenue.

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