Alderwood Resort Management Deploys Nordis Technologies’ ExpressoVote to Streamline HOA Elections

CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA, June 18, 2019—Nordis Technologies announced today that Alderwood Resort Management and its sister company, Getaways Resort Management, both management companies for vacation ownership and whole ownership resorts and clubs, is implementing Nordis’ ExpressoVote™ software platform to manage the annual election communications and voting process for more than 20 homeowner associations and 40,000 owners.

ExpressoVote™ lets Alderwood create and distribute paper and digital election communications, including calls for board candidates, annual meeting notices and ballots, from a single cloud-based platform. To increase owner engagement, California-based Alderwood also is also leveraging ExpressoVote to offer the option of online voting for the first time.

Nordis’ flexible system lets Alderwood and Getaways quickly and easily customize the voting process to comply with the specific requirements of each property, such as weighting based on ownership and total number of owners. It is also secure, with a proven process for authenticating each owner and keeping votes confidential.

“We chose Nordis Technologies because they are the experts in managing HOA elections, including omnichannel voting,” said Sue Fox, director of client services for Alderwood. “By using ExpressoVote, we are simplifying and standardizing our HOA governance communications and election process while offering more choice and convenience to our owners.”

ExpressoVote™ makes it fast and easy to create and deliver election communications and tabulate of all forms of voting—online, paper and in-person. Consolidating the process on one system also simplifies and accelerates election reporting and vote certification. Nordis, an innovative customer communications management and payment technology solutions company, handles 1.5 million annual meeting and proxy notices and tabulates hundreds of thousands of votes each year.

“Alderwood and Getaways are industry leaders, and we’re proud that these companies chose ExpressoVote™ to streamline the process for elections while delivering owners great convenience and more engagement through digital participation,” said Ronnie Selinger, founder, CEO and president of Nordis Technologies.

Offering digital ballots delivers benefits to both owners and their respective HOAs.  Owners can conveniently vote at any time from their mobile phones, computers or tablets while HOAs can secure costs savings by reducing postage, printing and labor costs.

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