New Print Technologies Are Reinventing Paper Customer Communications

CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA, September 4, 2019 — Significant advances in technologies for creating, managing and printing customer mailings are transforming paper communications, making them more versatile, relevant and effective, according to The Power of Print, a new white paper from Nordis Technologies, an innovator in  customer communications management (CCM) and payments solutions.

As Nordis explains in the white paper, companies are harnessing these innovations to improve the customer experience. Especially when it comes to billing, customer preference for paper communications remains strong: Households receive a majority of their recurring bills through the mail, and 63% pay bills by mail, according to the US Postal Service. Even among early adopters of technologies, 73% want to access bills and statements that are optimized for smartphone viewing but 46% of that same group choose to receive paper statements, according to Annual State of Transactional Communications: Consumer Survey, Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends 2018.

CCM systems make it fast and easy to develop and customize customer documents and the latest continuous-feed inkjet printers can produce those materials in full color for nearly the same price as black-and-white. Combining these technologies produces printed pieces that engage customers, including fostering prompt payment and driving marketing initiatives. The advances also support cost-efficient development and delivery of compliance-driven communications, which are legally required to be sent by mail.

“Paper remains an important way to meet rising customer expectations even in this age of mobile everything,” said Ronnie Selinger, founder, CEO and president of Nordis Technologies. “While you certainly should encourage digital adoption, customers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to how they want to get bills, payment confirmations, and other communications. From mobile phone and credit card companies to doctors, lenders and vacation resorts, if you don’t give them what they want, they are likely to find another provider who will.”

Prioritizing Print

The white paper details advances in CCM and printers, especially the compelling opportunity for color in paper communications. High-speed, high-volume, continuous-feed color inkjet print systems are replacing the much slower and more expensive printing and finishing process of digital toner-based devices. These new production inkjet systems run up to 900 sheets per minute, offer dynamic perforation, variable data printing and color on-demand, so there’s no need to store perforated stock or pre-preprinted document shells.

They provide full-color personalization in one pass, the ability to change messaging on the fly, better image consistency and improved quality, all at a cost per piece for color pages nearly the same as black and white.

For more insight into maximizing the impact of print in an omnichannel communications strategy, download the free white paper, The Power of Print.  

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