CEO Viewpoint: Nordis Carries the Ball into the End Zone with CCM+E

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customer communications management plus execution - football metaphor


We’re always working to help our clients set themselves apart from their competitors. Today, I want to talk about a major difference that sets Nordis apart from our customer communications management (CCM) counterparts – and by extension, you from yours—and that’s our ability to execute both print and digital delivery. I’m calling it CCM+E.  The E stands for execution.

So why is execution so important?

Customer communications management systems, including Expresso®, allow you to create documents and emails from a data extract file. But the software often stops there, only about halfway to the goal line.

Communications that don’t reach the intended recipient are fumbles. Touchdowns, then, require passing the fully composed communications to a lettershop, email company or a text messaging firm—or all three—so they can distribute the communications to their intended recipients, your customers.

Single source solution

With Nordis, you have the entire communications workflow (composition, omnichannel delivery, ongoing management) available from one managed solution. You also mitigate the security risk associated with sending your customer data to multiple vendors for CCM, print, and/or digital delivery. With Expresso and our Print & Mail Services and digital delivery capabilities, we make catering to customer delivery preferences simple, easy, automated and secure.

Until now, I don’t think we’ve done a good enough job promoting this unique combination of integrated services. So, our new positioning will call it out loud and clear as CCM+E, with the “E” standing for execution.

Simplifying omnichannel communications

As important as omnichannel delivery is to keeping customers satisfied, it’s far from easy. The more delivery channels, the more complexity is introduced for managing data, keeping the process secure and getting the right communication and messaging to the right person.

That’s just the start. You need to track which emails bounce or are not opened and texts that don’t go through, and set up a process for determining when to switch to print and mail communications. Returned mail also has to be handled and customer records updated.

On top of that are compliance rules and regulations for some industries, including collections, that dictate document content and often restrict when documents can be sent digitally. These rules vary by state and change frequently.

Expresso is designed to manage and solve for this complexity. You can set business rules to protect against sending a digital communication to a state where it’s restricted. You also can monitor and generate reports on which customer received which communication or not. With Nordis, you can automate how to handle bounced and unopened emails and returned mail.

Are you getting the most out of all our self-service capabilities for managing the full critical customer communications cycle? I invite you to reach out to learn more about CCM+E.


Ronnie Selinger - Nordis Technologies President-CEO

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