Expresso Tips & Tricks: Here’s the Scoop on Our Client Success Team

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Client success team member


Having a single-source solution for CCM + execution is why clients choose Nordis. Having the control to create documents in minutes and modify and execute them in seconds is why clients use Expresso™. Having everything backed by our talented client success team is the cherry on top.

Our goal is to be a natural extension of our clients’ operations teams, available to guide and support users with friendly practical knowledge to help you get the most out of Expresso. As our portfolio grows, so too does the range of services available to clients, from our self-provisioning/DIY model to a full-service model and pricing structure.

Here are three ways we’ve evolved to increase your success: 

  1. We moved from individual support to client success teams. We’re focused on making Expresso key to your success in delivering an outstanding customer experience. Instead of just one support person, we’ve assembled a team for every client – a core group of people cross-trained to understand your industry, company, and your specific Expresso and/or ExpressoPay programs.

There also are specialized teams for our unique solutions, including return mail services, Certified Mail and a vote/proxy team that supports HOA election services.

  1. We opened more listening channels. Your business environment is constantly evolving, and we want to be on top of that with you. We’re in the final days of gathering input from our first comprehensive client satisfaction survey and are thrilled to see everyone’s ideas and suggestions on how to serve you even better. We asked for your feedback on our products and support and your preferences for service and communications. Your opinions are so important to our partnership and will help us continually improve. Your client success manager will be reaching out in April and May to schedule time for a Client Business Review during Q2, an opportunity for us to share highlights from the survey, discuss your feedback and how we can support your 2022 goals.

Over the past year, we’ve also conducted onboarding surveys for new programs to gauge real-time understanding and engagement during implementation. The intel we’ve received has helped us strengthen this critical process and better manage expectations for all parties.

  1. We’re investing in EX – the Expresso experience. We’re adding tech tools to enhance your Expresso experience and help us help you. A new project management onboarding tool, Guide CX, brings transparency so all parties can see where a project is in the implementation process. It’s a visual tool that helps project teams quickly grasp the various steps to a successful implementation and hold contributors accountable to the timelines.

Microsoft Teams is another mainstream tool we use to support clients and troubleshoot issues. In a video chat, we can look at a client’s Expresso screen in real-time to work through something they’re questioning. We can be right there to say, “Oh, just click that box or delete that line. Or pull this field, this field, and this field, and there’s your report with the data you’re looking for.”

Some technology vendors are hard to track down after onboarding. Our Client Success Team uses Expresso every day, and we’re here for you every day, when and how you need us. Because to us, it’s not just about the product. It’s about the people who use it.

Please contact us today or any time you have a question. We’re here to help you be successful.