Product Showcase: Introducing Our Enhanced Texting Capabilities for Building Better Consumer Engagement

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texting builds better consumer engagement


Americans of all ages love the convenience and immediacy of texting. That’s increasingly true for business interactions, with 70% of consumers having opted to receive texts from companies, according to a 2022 survey.

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We have teamed up with industry leader Solutions by Text (SBT) to help you take advantage of growing consumer preference for this communications channel. Here’s how we make texting simple yet effective for you and your customers:

Seamless process. Just as we do with print, email and digital wallet, you can develop and distribute text messages using Expresso™.

Leverage existing content, data files and business rules. There’s no need to start from scratch. Expresso allows you to repurpose your existing business rules, data files and content to create one-time and recurring text messages.

Centralized management, reporting and archiving. You can manage all your communications programs and channels from a single secure platform. That simplifies catering to consumer preferences for any combination of texts, emails and paper communications.

Just as with print/mail and email, you also can measure texting engagement, produce reports as needed and archive text messages for an agreed-upon length of time.

Customized and branded text messages. An important feature for businesses is SmartURL from SBT. This capability enables shortened and branded URLs, which are the most up-to-date and effective text communications for business. You can create a branded domain, allowing you to integrate your custom domain name and create unique URLs.

Link to other Expresso-created documents. SmartURLs also enable you to include document links to letters and statements that are composed in Expresso. If you have long encrypted links for automatic sign-in, you also can convert them into SmartURLs for your customers’ secure ease of use.

Link to payment portals. Whether you use our electronic bill presentment and payment system ExpressoPay™, another website portal or mobile app, you can accelerate payments and encourage self-service by adding links to account management and payment sites.

One SBT client sent 200,000 texts and compared the consumer response to a similar volume of phone calls and mail. The result: 50% more texting customers made payments than those contacted using the other communications channels.

Analyze and improve results. Our business analytics let you track each customer’s activity, so you know who clicks on a communications link to view the document or a payment link to settle the bill. You can use A/B testing of messaging content and links to raise click-through rates and accelerate payments.

Expert compliance guidance.  SBT provides industry guidance and best-practice language, drawing on its expertise regarding the Federal Communications Commission, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, CTIA, and Mobile Marketing Association as well as regulations including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Texting for third-party collectors. With Nordis and SBT, third-party collectors can confidently add texting to their communications outreach. Unlike other texting companies, SBT has secured agreements with wireless carriers, ensuring data security in transit and at rest to meet all applicable regulations, including HIPAA and FDCPA. With messaging guidance from SBT and its library of messaging templates, collectors can compliantly text consumers.

We would love to help you get started texting. Please contact us today!