The Compelling Case for Integrating Communications and Payments

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Expresso users value the control, security and ease of operations that comes from consolidating their omnichannel customer communications on one platform. Not only do you eliminate the inefficiencies and effort of juggling different vendors for print, email and text, but you have the flexibility and power to easily satisfy customer communications preferences and deliver personalized messaging, offers and interactions.

Now imagine the advantages of managing your entire cycle of billing communications and payments from one dashboard.

Making billing and payments a seamless operation propels company productivity and performance. More than that, it can simplify and streamline your efforts to improve key steps in the customer journey, strengthening the overall customer experience. According to a recent Forbes story, top CEOs say nothing drives profitability like great customer experience. And they’re right — seven out of 10 consumers say connected processes are very important in determining what organizations they will do business with, according to Salesforce.

How connecting billing and payments drives CX
Few processes play a bigger role in making or breaking a customer relationship than billing and payments. For vacation owners, customers, and patients, billing and payments continue long after the courtship and sale, financial agreement or treatment phases. For mortgages, annual fees, and other financial obligations, these interactions can last for years or decades.

How people are treated during the billing and payments process affects everything from repeat business, referrals, and retention rates to social media reviews. It can even affect getting paid: Nearly 25% of hospital patients who were very dissatisfied with the billing process didn’t pay anything toward their medical bills, according to a 2018 Connance survey of 500 consumers.

Integration boosts business results
Connecting customer communications management, print/mail and electronic delivery and digital payments technology can make the process smoother, easier and more personalized for consumers. For billers, it improves consistency, collaboration, and compliance.

The benefits are particularly pronounced when companies use Expresso and ExpressoPay:

  • More secure. Improve security and lower risk by sharing customer data with just one solutions provider instead of multiple vendors.
  • Seamless bill presentment. Any statements created and sent in Expresso are automatically presented in ExpressoPay so customer service reps and customers can view current or archived statements while making online payments. This e-presentment feature is hardwired between the two and doesn’t require any IT development and integration as with other payment processing systems that are not integrated with billing communications.
  • Consolidated reporting. View, produce and analyze integrated billing and payment reports, including payments made through ExpressoPay and IVR, on the Expresso dashboard. Instead of needing to generate and reconcile two reports, the integrated system produces a single report on balance, accounts receivables, IVR dropped calls and a host of other data.
  • Influence customer behavior. Easily coordinate messaging on transactional documents about electronic payments, such as encouraging automatic deductions or offering payment plans. An integrated communications and payments platform provides omnichannel touchpoints throughout the billing cycle to engage customers, such as sending due date reminders that encourage prompt payments, marketing offers and digital payment confirmation receipts.
  • Capture channel preference changes. When customers pay online at ExpressoPay, they can self-select new communications preferences, such as switching to ebilling. That change is automatically updated in Expresso and can increase digital opt-in rates and reduce print and postage costs.

Integrating CCM and payments technology also enables companies to personalize offers, communications and interactions. This is becoming a business requirement: 76% of consumers expect businesses to know their needs and expectations, says Salesforce.

Better billing and payments = Better CX
Once you’ve added a customer, it’s your billing and payments process that plays a pivotal role in how satisfied that customer remains. By integrating billing communications and payments, you create an immediate platform for improving that customer experience through frictionless billing and payments that offer convenient omnichannel options and more personalized interactions. This often overlooked touchpoint is an ideal opportunity to engage customers each and every month.

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