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NordisConnect is a quarterly newsletter published by Nordis Technologies.

Issue #15


CEO Viewpoint: Using Data to Manage Your Business

Be sure to grab data from all corners of your business to analyze and predict. That’s the key to identifying both challenges and future growth opportunities.

Industry Insights: Automating and Personalizing Patient Billing and Payments Improves Provider Revenues and Patient Experience

Our new white paper explains how customer communications management (CCM) software accelerates digital transformation of the healthcare revenue cycle.

Product Showcase: Expresso® Handles High-volume Check Printing and Customer Communications

Create and issue checks with confidence with our secure check print and mail services.

Expresso Tips & Tricks: Introducing an Expresso User Dashboard That You Can Configure

Expresso’s updated platform delivers a customizable digital experience with key information and metrics of your choice.

Issue #14

JUNE 2021

CEO Viewpoint: No, Let’s Not Go Back to Normal

We all want to feel normal again. But don’t retreat to the past. Let’s move forward.

Industry Insights: The Need for SOC 2, PCI DSS and HIPAA Standards for Driving Data Privacy, Security and Compliance

Protecting your customers’ informatoin is paramount. These certifications and attestations demonstrate a fundamental commitment to security and compliance.

Product Showcase: Expresso® Innovations Speed Digital Transformations

It began as a trailblazing CCM system in 2005. Today, Expresso has progressed into a market leading SaaS technology solution to solve communications and payments challenges. There’s no end in sight to the impact we’re creating with clients and partners. What else weill we do together?

Expresso Tips & Tricks: Experience Expresso 6.0

Expresso’s new design updates put the “you” in UI/UX.

Issue #13

APRIL 2021

CEO Viewpoint: Nordis Carries the Ball into the End Zone with CCM+E

As important as customer communications management is, it’s only half the equation. With Nordis, you get an all-in-one platform for not just developing communications but also executing print and digital delivery.

Industry Insights: Pandemic Changed Billing and Payments. Are You Keeping Up?

COVID-19 has fueled consumer preference for more digital options in billing and payments. Are you prepared to respond?

Product Showcase: Use Expresso to Customize Document Production and Mailing Packages

Expresso isn’t just for developing customer documents. It gives you the control to dictate all kinds of digital and print production and mailing requirements from the same dashboard.

Expresso Tips & Tricks: Store, Present and Retrieve Documents

Expresso offers maximum flexibility and speed in archiving and accessing communications for compliance, customer service, self-service, reporting and more.

Issue #12


CEO Viewpoint: Keeping Calm (For the Most Part) and Carrying On in 2021

As we conclude this arduous year, we have reason to hope in 2021.

Industry Insights: Pandemic Reinforces Value of Omnichannel CCM and EBPP

New and current clients found the flexibility and control they needed to adapt to changing business conditions with cloud-based digital technologies for managing customer communications and payments.

Product Showcase: ExpressoCertified Automates Tracking Sensitive Documents

With a direct connection to the U.S. Postal Service, ExpressoCertified streamlines management and reporting on documents that require proof of delivery.

Expresso Tips & Tricks: Review Output Function Delivers Peace of Mind

Changing content or tables for your customer documents? Do yourself a big favor and double-check your changes with review output.

Issue #11


CEO Viewpoint: Nordis is Celebrating 30 Years in Business

The year was 1990. Sinead O’Conner and MC Hammer topped the charts, West and East Germany were reunified and Nordis was born.

Meet Nordis’ New COO: Nicole Miller

After two years leading Nordis’ client services, Nicole is now overseeing all Nordis operations. She’s also appreciating life in Florida.

Industry Insights: Timeshare Pivots to Reassure Owners During the Pandemic

Bluegreen Vacations, Diamond Resorts and Holiday Inn Club Vacations explain how taking care of owners and employees has spurred operational changes and the beginnings of a vacation rebound.

Partner Spotlight: SAFCO

Founder, CEO and President George B. Fussell Sr. and Senior Vice President of Compliance and Loan Servicing Daniel Baggett explain how the auto finance leader is doubling-down on compassion and digital to better serve customers and win business.

Product Showcase: Expresso’s Communications Archive Improves Customer Service and Compliance

Let Expresso’s archive work for you and your customers with real-time document presentment, custom reports and flexible archive periods.

Expresso Tips & Tricks: Global Impact Editor

(Updated November 18, 2021) With a tap of a key, you can see which customer documents are affected by a single content change.

Issue #10

JUNE 2020

CEO Viewpoint: COVID-19 Crisis Has Made Me a Better Boss

Balancing the need to continue operating Nordis as an essential business and to safeguard our employees’ health pushed me out of my comfort zone. To my surprise,I like the new ways of doing business.

Industry Insights: Disaster-Proof your Customer Communications and Payments

As businesses reopen offices and take other steps to move forward, what are the lessons for better preparing your customer communications and payment operations for future disruptions?

Partner Spotlight: Avadyne Health

CEO Jayson Yardley and Beau Lamontagne, Senior Director of Implementation Services, discuss how this healthcare revenue cycle management leader is pioneering new technology to improve the patient financial experience and increase provider revenues.

Product Showcase: Take Advantage of Rising Consumer Demand for Digital Payments

Health concerns are driving increased interest in contactless payment options. We make it easy for you to cater to customer expectations.

Expresso Tips & Tricks: Use APIs to Add Customer Value and Efficiency

(Updated October 26, 2021) These bits of code can add flexibility, customization and speed to customer service and execution of communications programs. Do they make sense for you?

Issue #9

APRIL 2020

CEO Viewpoint: Making Omnichannel Communications Work for You and Your Customers

If you are pushing digital options to save money, shifting your focus to engaging customers can make all the difference.

Industry Insights: The Power of Digital Transformation

Moving to digital processes improves operational efficiencies and gives you a platform for unlocking new ways of doing business for exceptional customer experience.

Product Showcase: Choosing the Right Digital Communications

Which format, from text to email to digital wallet, works best for different customer interactions?

Expresso Tips & Tricks: Managing Email Opt-ins with Expresso

Resource challenged? Let us automate your e-communications for you.

Issue #8


CEO Viewpoint: The Future of Business – and of Nordis – is Platforms

Companies are increasingly moving to platforms like Expresso to break down silos, enhance customer journeys and improve business performance. The payoff is amplified when they link multiple platforms to share data and build more cohesive operations.

Industry Insights: CCM and CRM – How They Complement Each Other

Both customer communications management and customer relationship management and the technologies that drive them have important—but different—roles to play in improving customer experience, digitally transforming your business and moving to a platform operating model.

Product Showcase: Want to Engage Customers? It Starts with the Content Library

Transforming your communications to enhance customer experience and achieve business goals, such as on-time payments, depends on the right text and images. Expresso’s centralized content library ensures you are on target, every time.

Expresso Tips & Tricks: New Expresso Online Help Feature Answers Questions in a Flash

We’ve ditched the downloadable online help manual PDFs for a fully digital experience, making it faster and easier to search and find the answers you need.

Issue #7


CEO Viewpoint: Paper – A Way to Stand Out

Paper remains an important way to meet rising customer expectations even in this age of mobile everything.

Industry Insights: New Technologies are Transforming Print Communications

(Updated September 7, 2021) Despite their reliance on digital devices, many customers demand paper communications. Advances in customer communications management (CCM) and printing solutions enable you to take advantage of these interactions by making them more engaging and relevant.

Partner Spotlight: Vetco

Vice President Laura Frake describes how Vetco, Petco’s veterinary services, uses dynamic printing to localize outreach to pet owners

Product Showcase: Optimize Your Production and Distribution

Ever wonder what actually happens after your Expresso data files arrive at Nordis? Take a tour of Nordis’ formidable production and distribution capabilities and discover new ways to enhance your print and digital communications.

Expresso Tips & Tricks: Adding Print Ready to Your Expresso Program

(Updated November 9, 2021) Already have a system that produces customer document and doesn’t require Expresso’s variable data printing capabilities? Then our print-ready workflow may be just the ticket.

Issue #6

JUNE 2019

CEO Viewpoint: Investing in Now and the Future

We are very proud of our freshly renovated headquarters, full of our talented and growing team and state-of-the-art equipment.

Industry Insights: Keeping Compliant as Communications Rules Change

Thanks to the CFPB and FCC, fundamental changes in how you can legally communicate with customers are headed your way. Technology can lift the burden and help you to capitalize on new options for digital communications

Partner Spotlight: Diamond Resorts

Vice President Kathy Wheeler explains how a global leader in vacation ownership is improving the customer journey by leveraging ExpressoVote for HOA communications and elections

Product Showcase: Automating HOA Elections with ExpressoVote

Still manually counting and recording owner votes? Replace the perennial pain of the annual HOA election season, plus improve owner experience and participation, by outsourcing the entire process from communications to vote tabulation and reporting.

Expresso Tips & Tricks: Engage with Emails

(Updated August 17, 2021) Americans spend 5+ hours a day checking their inboxes. Learn how Expresso can help you make email a key part of your repertoire for engaging customers.

Issue #5

MARCH 2019

CEO Viewpoint: Two Lessons in Leadership and Strategy

I gather inspiration from a lot of sources–especially people, places and more, recently, meditation. But I also have to put at the top of the list two business books that motivated me to make big changes that have made all the difference in my career in Nordis and, by extension, for all of you.

Industry Insights: The Compelling Case for Integrating Communications and Payments

(Updated August 24, 2021) Using a single source for managing the entire cycle of billing and payments delivers big benefits for billers and their customers.

Partner Spotlight: Sutherland Healthcare

Vice President of Client Engagement Paul Balcerzak discusses how this leading healthcare revenue cycle management firm is using technology to reduce cost to collect.

Product Showcase: Going Digital with ExpressoPay

ExpressoPay does for payments what Expresso does for customer communications. Our electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) system makes it easy to offer customers flexible billing and payment options while accelerating cash flow.

Expresso Tips & Tricks: Making the Most of Custom Tables

(Updated April 22, 2021) Even if you already use custom tables, you might be missing out on some cool features.

Issue #4


CEO Viewpoint: 2019 Outlook – Simplifying Complex Communications and Payments

We are dedicated to creating innovative technology that simplifies the complexity, helps manage risk, and gives companies the power and control to strengthen customer relationships through communications and payments. In 2019, we want to help you do even more

Industry Insights: 3 CCM Priorities in 2019

With rising expectations from senior leadership as well as consumers for communications and payments that positively impact customer experience, it’s time to rethink your CCM strategy.

Partner Spotlight: Associated Asset Management (AAM)

Partner and CIO Eric Parsons discusses how this leading HOA management firm is using technology to further streamline owner interactions along the customer journey.

Product Showcase: Introducing SMS/Texting

If you want to reach your customers, you can’t afford to overlook their smartphones.

Expresso Tips & Tricks: Do You Know Your Expresso Terms?

(Updated March 2, 2021) If you’re not steeped in printing or technology, some Expresso terms may seem a bit mysterious. To ensure you’re taking advantage of everything Expresso has to offer, we will cover the key terms for creating and distributing a document such as a customer bill or letter.

Issue #3


CEO Viewpoint: Improving the Customer Experience Starts with Understanding the Journey

We are big believers in journey mapping because we’ve done it ourselves and it’s made a world of difference.

Industry Insights: Omnichannel Delivers a Better CX

Quick reads on the value of omnichannel communications and payments, healthcare RCM companies driving patient experience, how HOA elections and user generated content can better engage customers and more.

Partner Spotlight: Speedpay

A conversation with Frank Lockridge, Western Union senior vice president of global payments and head of Speedpay, and Alexis Blackstead, vice president of payment products, Speedpay.

Product Showcase: Introducing ExpressoCertified

Composing, sending and tracking USPS Certified Mail is fast, easy and less expensive with ExpressoCertified.

Expresso Tips & Tricks: Review Output Function

Ever second-guess the content of your documents after pushing a data file to Nordis? We’ve got your back. Learn about a key feature that lets users preview their critical communications before sending them to production.

Issue #2

MARCH 2018

CEO Viewpoint: Companies Need to Prioritize Customer Communications in 2018

Communicating to customers in the right way, at the right time, with the right messages, is more important than ever.

Industry Insights: Excellence in Customer Experience Is The Destination and the Journey

(Updated February 18, 2021) Customer experience (CX) as a strategic imperative has never been hotter and companies are grappling with the best ways to prioritize it. Developing personas, social listening and voice of the customer (VOC) processes are all trending, but customer journey mapping is a proven path for improving CX.

Partner Spotlight: Orange Lake Resorts

Orange Lake Resorts was an early adopter of Nordis’ Expresso customer communications management platform.

Product Showcase: ExpressoWallet

Meet your customers where they are at—on their smartphones.

Expresso Tips & Tricks: Using Search and View in your Expresso CCM Platform

Expresso, a CCM platform, lets you locate and access previously issued documents when you need them.

Issue #1


CEO Viewpoint: The Corporate Future Belongs to Customer Communications and Payments

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Nordis Technologies’ customer newsletter. In my 25+ years in the business, I can’t think of a more exciting or promising time in customer communications and payments.

Partner Spotlight: TeamHealth

Bringing RCM tech priorities and benefits into focus with Fazie Harney and Sofia Garcia.

Product Showcase: New Industry Specific Design for Expresso Platform

ExpressoFinancial — ExpressoHealth — ExpressoHospitality

Expresso Tips & Tricks: Reporting Feature

(Updated January 22, 2021) Still compiling manual reports? You’re missing out! Unlock the Reports feature for detail on what you’re processing daily.

ExpressoHealth, a healthcare revenue cycle management platform, logo (251x40)

Revenue cycle management companies accelerate onboarding and improve patient financial engagement for their provider clients through advanced statements and payment options with our cloud-based system.

ExpressoFinancial, a CCM platform that enhances the consumer finance experience, logo (253.36)

Mortgage loan servicers, auto lenders, collection firms and other consumer financial companies use our cloud solutions to create and deliver documents, plus collect payments, which facilitates compliance, expands secure digital options and enhances customer service.

ExpressoHospitality, a CCM platform that streamlines HOA communications & compliance, logo

Vacation ownership companies increase owner engagement, accelerate onboarding of new properties and streamline payments and association voting with our convenient communications and payments solutions.

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