Paper or Digital Customer Communications: Yes, Please

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The death—or pending death–of paper communications has been greatly exaggerated, according to a recent study of more than 2,100 U.S. consumers. A rousing 90%, including 88% of those aged 18 to 24, believe they should have the right to choose how they receive communications, print or electronic, from financial organizations and service providers, according to a June 2017 survey by independent research company Toluna for Two Sides, a group of forestry, paper and printing companies.

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Customer communications survey findings:

  • 83% said they should not be charged more for choosing a paper bill or statement.
  • 65% say they prefer to receive bills and financial statements through a combination of both online and on paper, although those under 45 had a stronger preference for paperless options.
  • 76% are increasingly concerned that their personal information held electronically is at risk of being hacked, stolen, lost or damaged.
  • 79% keep hard copies of important documents at home, as they believe this is the safest and most secure way of storing their information.


Really, though, these findings aren’t about whether paper or digital customer communications is better; it’s about offering customers choice. They want it and they expect it or they are willing to move their business to a more accommodating firm. More than half, or 57%, said they’d consider leaving a financial organization or service provider that made them go paperless.


This survey is just the latest in a growing mountain of data that underscores the need for omnichannel communications. Our recent blog post, Best Practices in CCM: Making the Move to Omni-Channel Communications, describes the attributes and advantages of omnichannel communications and payments, and how Expresso and ExpressoPay can power this approach for your company. We’d love to discuss how we can help you make this move, so please contact us at


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