Product Feature: Use Expresso to Customize Document Production and Mailing Packages

Product Showcase - Expresso Communications Archive Improves Customer Service and Compliance

One of the great advantages of working with Nordis is the power that Expresso® gives you to control the entire lifecycle of customer communications from development to delivery to archive, all from a single dashboard.

Your cloud-based Expresso customer communications management (CCM) system integrates with Nordis’ digital and print production and mail services. You can leverage Nordis’ state-of-the-art high-speed, color inkjet printers and production facilities in Florida and Nevada for tailoring and completing all your omnichannel communications developed in Expresso.

Take advantage of the many self-service features beyond composition to create and manage customer packages that can reduce costs, standardize and optimize print output and drive positive, consistent customer experiences.

Here are some favorites that customers love:

Review Output

With this capability, you can proof your print communications before they mail. You’ll see PDFs of the documents in order, laid out with all the full-color content, images and logos for every page.

Whether you make this a routine with every file processed or only do it after updating a document, review output allows you to ensure text and images are lining up properly and that data is mapping from your file correctly. You can correct any problems before generating thousands of documents that have a typo or are missing a data field or business rule. Users also can delete problem records from the file and release the rest to production, eliminating the need to reprocess the entire file.

Document Association

Do you need to send a static notice to all customers, such as an annual privacy policy?

There’s no need to do a standalone mailing. With document association, you can include the notice with a communication you’re already sending.

It works for variable communications, such as a letter, too. Expresso will know to include the extra page(s) containing the privacy policy content or customer letter the next time your statement file is processed. It takes less than a minute — upload a PDF and associate it with the package.

You can make an associated document conditional based on a field in your data. Maybe the letter is for customers who live in a region affected by a natural disaster or in a state with a legislative rule change around disclosures. Expresso users can apply simple “if/then” rules to specify extra content for only those customers who need to see the message. Many clients used the document association feature for COVID-related messaging to customers.

The associated document also becomes part of the archived record preserved in Expresso and will be presented (along with the statement) into any third-party applications or portals you may have configured using the Expresso API.

File Processing Results

Use this reporting feature to know which files have been received, approved and processed. The Expresso home screen provides convenient access to the last five files that were processed.  Results from older files are accessed by selecting Processed File Details under the Report Management menu. In either case, users can view how many simplex or duplex pages printed, how many and which records were rejected, and the total number of mailing packages deployed.

Data hygiene

Expresso makes it easy to monitor the accuracy and consistency of mailing and email addresses and other data. A focus on data hygiene also lets you spot duplications in your database. Simply review results from your dashboard. For example: 117,000 records mailed; 23 were rejected for bad addresses or email bounces and require follow-up.

These reports are also delivered back to your SFTP as part of a response file for easy retrieval. Any recurring reports can be configured using Expresso’s reporting module and delivered to key executives and users every day, week or month.

Expresso can automate handling email misfires, too. You can configure your program to send an email first, then mail a hard copy if the email bounces, is not opened, or the recipient does not click a link to view the document.

For clients that use Nordis’ return mail processing service, Expresso can add a barcode to the mailing package, and our Nordis team can scan it if the post office returns it for any reason. Instead of your mailroom having to process stacks of returned mail, our team streamlines the process and delivers a data file of impacted records.

Share the wealth

You may know all the flexibility and freedom that Expresso gives you for document creation, production and delivery, but your associates in other departments and divisions may not.

Madison Advisors says it’s common for enterprises to have 10 or more redundant document publishing systems. Then there are the multiple vendors for printing and electronic distribution. That approach is complex, inefficient, and expensive. And it’s fraught with data security risk.

Do your colleagues a favor and introduce them to Expresso. They can consolidate their work and manage everything from their own dashboard, eliminating delays and maximizing control.

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