Want More On-Time Payments? Give Your Customers More Options.

Do you know your customer’s preferred way to pay? If not, you may want to consider offering a few options. From paper to electronic, today’s businesses are constantly coming up with convenient ways to encourage on-time payments and speed up the revenue cycle. Offering multiple payment options isn’t just smart, it’s expected — but it can also get complicated if you’re using multiple vendors to support your company’s bill payment and presentment solution.

At Nordis Technologies, we’ve created a platform that integrates document creation and production with bill presentment and payment — streamlining the process and helping you save time and money.

Bring It All Together

An integrated solution like Expresso and ExpressoPay by Nordis Technologies enables you to give your customer what they want — more payment options — while making things easier on your business. For instance, with Expresso you can create and deploy bills and statements right from your desktop, and send them out for delivery by mail or email. ExpressoPay adds an online payment solution into the mix, giving your customers even more flexibility.

Make the Cross-Sell

Once you’ve decided what type of services to offer, there’s the business of promoting them to your customer base. For instance, Expresso gives clients the ability to create triggered messaging, targeting customers who haven’t signed up for certain services. For example, if the customer is currently receiving paper statements, your company has the opportunity to offer e-statements on any communications the customer already receives — welcome packages, marketing communications, billing statements, etc. An online payment site is another place to promote a service the customer doesn’t already use. ExpressoPay provides clients multiple ways to submit their payment. This includes setting up recurring, future or one-time payments, and options to pay by debit card, credit card or ACH (bank account).

Give The People What They Want

Let’s face it, giving your customers what they want doesn’t just benefit them, it benefits you. You’re building brand loyalty and creating a better customer experience — while increasing the likelihood of on-time payments.

Need help determining which options work best for your business? Contact the team at Nordis Technologies. We’re always here to help.