Surge in Certified Mail Demands New, Lower Cost Technology

cloud based usps certified mailing solutions

Streamlining bulk certified mail starts in the cloud.

Companies are bracing for a surge in sending past-due and collection notices that require USPS Certified Mail® delivery as temporary pandemic consumer relief ends.

The federal foreclosure moratorium expires June 30, 2021, and forbearance programs pausing mortgage payments on federally backed loans are set to end this fall. Although the federal ban on foreclosures didn’t extend to timeshares, most vacation home ownership associations (HOAs) adopted self-imposed moratoriums.

Many documents are required by law or for regulatory compliance to be sent by Certified Mail. But traditional Certified Mail is expensive at $6.45 plus First-Class postage per piece using the traditional green card return receipt, ($6.80 with the USPS’ planned August increase), with no automation or modern compliance and tracking controls.

To manage the rise in Certified Mail volume and act before another USPS price increase hits, companies are turning to cloud-based software that replaces the traditional costly and labor-intensive manual process that too often dominates this vital business function. This software as a service is designed for business users and is fast to implement, without major IT investment or involvement.

Nordis’ solution is ExpressoCertified®. Leveraging our direct integration to the U.S. Postal Service, ExpressoCertified makes sending sensitive documents and confirming proof of receipt easy and fast. It’s also less expensive than the conventional method.

ExpressoCertified is a delivery option within our patented cloud-based Expresso® customer communications management platform. You can use Expresso to compose the documents, or simply send PDF print ready files to which the certified content is added during file processing.

Law firm simplifies with ExpressoCertified

Already employing two full-time employees just to manage bulk certified mail, a leading real estate law firm anticipated the crush of foreclosure mailings and teamed with Nordis Technologies to digitally transform the business process.

The firm represents timeshare developers and HOAs. Previously, each foreclosure mailing required filling out by hand a PS 3800 (mail receipt) form and a PS 3811 green card (signature capture) form and attaching both to the envelope.

After waiting for the green cards to be mailed back, staff had to organize and physically match them up to paper files. It was an antiquated, laborious procedure.

Nordis summons results

      • Automated the entire Certified Mail process with ExpressoCertified
      • Streamlined preparation, delivery, tracking and reporting
      • Batch processing manages hundreds of the law firm’s Certified Mail items at once
      • Maximized efficiency with improved workflow
      • Demonstrated cost savings on a per piece basis
      • Enabled staff to focus on other priority assignments

Key benefits of ExpressoCertified

  • Reduce postage costs. The savings are significant. On top of the time and resource savings with ExpressoCertified and Nordis print and mail services, you’ll save $1.10 on postage per Certified Mail package using Electronic Return Receipt and leveraging the cloud. Click here for more mailing management ideas.
  • Condense preparation time. Create customer documents and Certified Mail packages from your computer in seconds using Expresso or send PDF-ready files to Nordis, eliminating the onerous task of addressing and affixing Certified Mail labels and green cards.
  • Enhance accuracy. Eliminate handwritten forms, which are prone to human error including mistakes in labeling or illegible handwriting.
  • Strengthen compliance. By automatically assigning a USPS Certified Mail tracking number, ExpressoCertified enables, captures and archives Electronic Return Receipts including signatures obtained by the mail carrier. The Electronic Return Receipt is considered original, permitting multiple copies, whereas green cards are only acceptable in their original form.
  • Improve tracking and reporting. Even with bulk certified mail, you can track an individual piece wherever it is in the process, receive delivery updates and automatic signature notifications, view the status of multiple mailings at once, and generate client-specific production reports.
  • Digitally transform communications development and distribution. Use Expresso to create and customize all customer correspondence and then automate digital and print/mail delivery methods, including ExpressoCertified.

Nordis helps organizations revolutionize their old-school approach to Certified Mail with a digital intervention. Can we help you prepare for the coming flood of Certified Mailings?