Expresso Tips & Tricks: Taking Advantage of Automated Digital-First Delivery

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Expresso Automated Workflow


This holiday season, give yourself and your customers the gift that will give back all year long: automating the communication delivery channel in Expresso™.

This feature ensures statements and email and/or text notifications reach your customer. By adding a few program-specific rules, if a digital message remains unopened and/or is not delivered, the feature lets you automate resends or alternative communication channels.

This digital-first delivery method is a built-in feature of your Expresso™ platform. The automated resend rules are a snap to set up, and the best part? You just set it and forget it.

The value in automating follow-up attempts

When an email or text is not delivered successfully or if an email languishes unopened and unread, it may take several mailing cycles before you’re aware of the issue. Meanwhile, customers may get behind on payments or other actions they need to take. In other instances, regulatory rules may require proof of delivery to remain in compliance.

You can create rules to address unopened and/or undelivered electronic communications to prevent this lag. These rules automate the responses to different scenarios, such as triggering a resend of unopened emails or switching the communication to another electronic channel such as text or sending a hard copy via print/mail. You can also determine the timing on these resends, such as immediately after an undeliverable email or text, or if an email remains unopened after two days.

Customizing the communication delivery method with automated resend rules speeds collections and preserves customer satisfaction. Removing manual follow-ups to unopened communications through automation also improves efficiency and productivity, maintains accuracy and consistency and reduces costs.

Hands-free functionality

Once established, it doesn’t require your intervention unless you want to make a change. As part of Expresso’s automated workflow configuration, it operates in the background. You won’t see it happening, but you’ll see the results.

Using your Expresso dashboard, you can schedule a status report to run anytime, including reviewing the output at the end of a processing day to see the number of unopened emails or undelivered emails or text messages and resend actions taken as a result.

Automating the communication delivery channel eliminates wasted time tracking down addresses, finding or recreating the correct mailing packages, or manually managing email resends. It helps your customers by ensuring they receive critical communications promptly and don’t incur late notices, late fees and more. It’s also just good customer service while helping businesses remain in compliance.

How to get started

Email and text are part of Expresso’s digital suite. If you are already sending electronic communications, setting up automated resends or different digital or print communications is fast and easy. Expresso print and mail customers have these same options available, but a bit more setup is necessary to establish the digital gateway.

Your records may already contain email and mobile phone data fields and opt-in/opt-out approvals. Customer permission is required to send specific types of communications: Permission to email a customer statement doesn’t mean you can send anything via email, for example. The best practice is to review your compliance regulations before setting up an automated workflow.

It’s worth the effort. Electronically delivering customer communications can contribute to corporate priorities, including trimming expenses, digitally transforming operations and becoming more sustainable.

Customizing the communication delivery method with electronic channels lowers cost because there’s no printing, paper, or postage. It’s also more efficient, environmentally friendly, and timely. Studies show consumers act faster on payment when they receive an email or text and tend to pay right away.

If you don’t have digital-first automated resend rules for customer communications engaged in Expresso, please contact us today.