Color of the Year Choices Bloom in 2022

2022 Pantone Color of the Year

More Than Just the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year

My annual color blog is usually one of the best reads of the year. It seems like everyone likes to pepper their lives with color and why not?

This year, color lovers have many more “colors-of-the-year” to choose from as more paint companies, fabric manufacturers, magazines and color forecasters release their own “color of the year.”  For example, the 2022 color-of-the-year from paint companies Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Glidden and Behr is in the green family. Two new entrants into this annual color promotion are Better Homes & Garden and Etsy. Both also picked shades of green.

Each year, these shade selections have big marketing implications. They impact clothes, home design, household products such as blenders, restaurant decor or even screen savers. Certain colors also can show up in B2C communications for both print and digital.

Pantone Color of the Year 2022

So, green is the color of the year for 2022, yes?  Not so fast!

The big player in these color promotions is The Pantone Color Institute, which has been naming a Pantone Color of the Year for 23 years. For 2022, Pantone created a new hue rather than selecting from its library of colors, each of which is assigned a number. The new color is Pantone 17-3938, and it’s called Very Peri. The Very Peri color is a vibrant shade of blue and red. Pantone says this new color represents joy and dynamism, something we all long for as we emerge from the isolation caused by the pandemic.

Color for Impact

In announcing the 2022 Pantone color of the year, part of Pantone’s motive is to educate everyone about the power of color. We agree and use this annual blog to showcase the benefits of color in print and digital customer communications. To that end, we know that color can be used to direct the eye to text and images that are important, such as product benefits or the total amount due on a bill. Color also boosts readability, comprehension, retention, and engagement — so customers take the desired action, whether it’s paying on time or signing up for a service.

Incorporating Color into Your Communications

As you embrace your color choices in 2022, here are some tips:

  1. Choose a color that complements your brand identity and values.
  2. Create a brand guideline document that gives direction on how and when to use color so you can be consistent across channels.
  3. Select colors for your billing statements and other communications that reinforce actions and feelings that you wish to convey. For example, red is often used to produce a sense of urgency, such as for a due date.

Nordis offers both full-color variable inkjet and laser printing, so we can help you determine the best fit.  Will any of the colors of the year work for your business? Please contact us to help you plan for jumping on the color bandwagon.

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