Preparation + Opportunity = Strong Growth in 2022 and 2023

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Preparation and Opportunity equal strong growth

In looking back at 2022 and into 2023, I can say we at Nordis Technologies are living proof of Zig Ziglar’s famous saying that success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.

The Opportunity

Faced with economic uncertainty, continuing supply chain challenges and record inflation, our clients have spent the past year targeting ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Expect more of the same in 2023.

In many cases, clients are digitally transforming operations to increase automation, speed, resilience and flexibility. One priority area is key: Customer communications, especially surrounding billing, and payments. It’s more important than ever to focus on bringing in revenues and managing cashflow and doing so effectively and efficiently.

The Preparation

Digital transformation happens to be our sweet spot, its where Nordis excels.  Already an innovator in cloud-based customer communications management and payments software with managed services, we have made strategic investments to further strengthen our technology suite, customer experience, leadership and workforce, and our operations. Our number one goal is to help clients improve performance, meet objectives, exceed expected outcomes and increase market differentiation.

For example, our enhanced text messaging capabilities came by partnering with market leader, Solutions by Text. And research shows 2 out of 3 consumers want account information, billing and payment reminders sent via text. With Nordis, companies can now compose and send one-time and recurring, compliance driven text messages and can include document links in the texts using our Expresso™ CCM platform enabled by SBT.  By always bringing best-in-class products and partners, Nordis helps our clients easily adapt and evolve.

In addition to products, we also launched a new client success services model. Instead of a single client service manager, we’ve assembled a team of managers for every client. The team is a core group cross-trained to understand each client, their needs, and the industry to support specific Expresso and ExpressoPay programs.

The Success

We were prepared for these changes, and we are ready when companies look to:

  • Add new digital communications channels and payment options
  • Manage omnichannel communications on one platform and with one integrated workflow
  • Consolidate communications development and omnichannel delivery with a single vendor
  • Offer tighter integration between communications and payments
  • Gain greater control, flexibility and speed over communications changes, compliance updates and onboarding new clients or programs
  • Offer consumers more choice, convenience, ease of use and personalization in how they communicate and pay

The Result: A robust double-digit annual revenue growth in 2022, for the second consecutive year for Nordis. In addition, I am pleased to report that we continue to be grateful for a strong pipeline of signed contracts and pending implementations to service in 2023.

Healthy growth across industries

We are expanding in all our key markets—healthcare, consumer finance, credit and collections, property management and vacation ownership. New clients include a top 5 healthcare revenue cycle management firm and a very large auto lender.

In 2022, our print and mail volume rose nearly 20% while digital volume jumped nearly 30%. Payment volume handled with ExpressoPay grew 13%.  We continue to value client feedback and see continual increases in our net promoter score, which measures the likelihood that our clients would recommend us based on products and services.

At the same time clients are increasing their volumes with us, they are integrating complementary products from our Expresso Suite, including our electronic bill presentment and payment solution ExpressoPay®, our automated certified mail option ExpressoCertified® and HOA election software ExpressoVote®.

Continuing to add value

We are entering 2023 with strong momentum and a continued focus on solving client problems and expanding their opportunities to increase growth and competitive advantage.  Our client survey, and continuous feedback, is helping to guide our strategic initiatives and development roadmap.

An exciting project that’s underway is building expanded analytics.  Expanded reporting features and functions to deliver higher levels of detail and insights will be available late this year, including adding a more intuitive user experience. It’s part of our plan to move toward an intelligence engine with a customizable dashboard to display each client’s key performance indicators.

We will continue to expand and enhance our tech-enabled solutions and services to give our clients unmatched control and flexibility to improve efficiency and effectiveness—by delivering better customer and employee experiences, lowering barriers to payment, and quickly responding to dynamic business conditions. We wholeheartedly believe that Nordis will prosper when our clients prosper. We appreciate the trust our clients and partners place in us and here’s to a great 2023!

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