Recognition as a Top CCM Solution Caps Big Year for Nordis Technologies

Top CCM Solution

It started as a way to reduce a major pain point for the clients of our printing services.

We initially built Expresso®, our cloud-based customer communications management (CCM) platform, to simplify and streamline the time-consuming and largely manual process for creating and making changes to bills, letters and other customer correspondence.

Now that technology is powering our clients’ transition to digital communication channels and to improved customer experience even as it has transformed our company.

This year, we achieved two major successes that underscores our strategic direction as a technology-first company. Nordis Technologies was recognized as the leading focused managed services solution for customer communications management on the CCM-CXM Service Provider Aspire Leaderboard™. Aspire is a leading CCM and customer experience market researcher and consulting firm. This milestone follows our receiving a U.S. patent for our Expresso® CCM technology earlier this year.

While we’ve kept our leadership in print and digital communications distribution, technology has become the heart of our customer value. Because of our unique path to CCM tech leader, Nordis remains an innovator by bundling full-service CCM technology with digital and print execution for a complete, hosted solution.

What Aspire Says:
“Nordis’ fast-track, turnkey approach to CCM should help customers accelerate
their journey to digital communications and achieve significant business benefits.
Its business model of bundling print and digital services with its Expresso CCM platform
can reduce the complexity of managing multiple stand-alone
CCM and digital and print delivery vendors.”

Focusing tech innovation on client needs

To further support our clients, we’ve been expanding our technology suite over the years. ExpressoPay®, our electronic bill present and payments system, integrates seamlessly with Expresso so clients can manage the entire cycle of customer billing and payments on a single platform. This fall, through a partnership with fintech leader Finexio, we’ve added an innovative accounts payable platform for Nordis clients to pay their suppliers through more cost effective digital channels.

We also continue to evolve our omnichannel Expresso platform. A new user interface, introduced this past summer, lets clients easily customize their production and reporting dashboard. Companies required to send communications by Certified Mail can automate the process with ExpressoCertified®.  Expresso also makes it easy to cater to customer preferences, with email, text, mobile wallet and print delivery options.

When we first developed Expresso, no one knew how important CCM technology was going to become to our clients or to Nordis. Now it’s fundamental to improving customer experience and digitally transforming critical business operations. And as a full-fledged technology leader in this space, we plan to continue to innovate by keeping our focus on delivering exceptional client service and value.

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