CEO Viewpoint: Our Platform Innovation Centers on Customer Needs and Opportunities

platform innovation

It started with a room full of hard-working people opening envelopes and recording votes by hand on paper spreadsheets. A vacation ownership client was giving a property tour to Rich O’Rourke and me when we saw all this activity.

Our client explained the group was part of the annual, labor-intensive marathon of managing homeowner association (HOA) elections. Rich and I looked at each other and promptly went back to Nordis to develop ExpressoVote®, a software solution that integrated into our customer communications management platform Expresso™. Goodbye to armies of local residents and time-consuming, error-prone manual processes. Hello to a simple application for managing both HOA election communications and voting by mail, online and in person.

Prioritizing innovation

We at Nordis pride ourselves on innovation. Our Expresso patent covers 24 specific inventions. And cloud software platforms like Expresso, as opposed to off-the-shelf or custom software products, are uniquely positioned to keep evolving, adding capabilities and linking to other client systems to break down silos and support strategic initiatives.

But how does innovation happen at Nordis?

No chasing the next new thing

We only add technologies if there’s a clear advantage and business case for our clients or to improve our own operations and services.

Tight focus on customer value

We identify new ideas that deliver important customer value—by removing pain points, driving growth, improving operations and employee work life, enhancing customer experience and otherwise conferring competitive advantage.

Some years ago, I happened to sit next to Joe Proto, a payments legend, at a conference. We started talking about our companies. It didn’t take long for us to see the synergy between financial communications and payments, which led to ExpressoPay®.

Clients find integrating Expresso with our electronic bill presentment and payments system delivers an exponential impact: Consider the effectiveness of electronic statements or text payment reminders with embedded links to payment portals for streamlining consumer experience that lowers barriers to payment.

Client collaboration

Expresso was born some 15 years ago when we worked with a client to build a tool for automating the process of managing document content and disclosures. This success set a precedence of client collaboration that still drives our innovation.

Confer competitive advantage

We’ve continued to add more and more functions, applications, and communication channels, always with the intention of keeping our clients ahead of the curve. We were early in putting our platform in the cloud and setting the bar for digital transformation of communications and payments operations and services.

In many cases, the advances let clients improve customer experience, costs and operations simultaneously. Think email, texting, digital wallet, and automated Certified Mail. ExpressoAP, our new digital B2B payments-as-a-service, is another leap forward.

Simplify the complex

Even as we add and expand our channels, features and technologies, we strive to make it all manageable. We build in the capabilities to let clients confidently handle the growing complexity of communications and payments. And we are increasingly intent on making the experience of using our platform easier, faster, better.

Just technology is not enough

Technology only gets you so far. At Nordis, we combine innovative technology with an experienced team that works directly with clients to ensure they get the most out of our solutions. This unique blend of technology, people and execution is the secret to our continued success.

Innovation drives Nordis, with a focus on solving client problems, creating new client opportunities and strengthening market competitiveness. Please get in touch if you’d like to talk innovation.

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