Pushing Forward During a Rollercoaster 2021 and into 2022

pushing forward during a rollercoaster 2021

Navigating the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced Nordis Technologies to quickly adapt and adapt again. After another year in 2021 that tried and tested us, I can say that we have come out the other side stronger, better positioned than ever to support our clients and their strategic goals.

Pandemic support

Our business model is built on cloud software and hosted managed services for customer communications management (CCM), omnichannel delivery, and digital payments. The pandemic forced many companies to accelerate their digital efforts, and we were well positioned to support those moves. Our software platforms enable clients to work from anywhere while managing multi-channel communications as more consumers shift to digital billing and payments.

Healthcare, with a focus on revenue cycle management firms and providers, became our biggest industry sector even as our other major markets of hospitality and financial services expanded. We also added energy service providers and law firms as clients.

As a result, we saw double-digit revenue growth in 2021. Processed communications volume rose 20% and same-day mail volumes grew 13%. At the same time, our net promoter score improved by 22%.

A year in review: Client focus pays off

To keep ahead of the curve and drive more value for our clients, we prioritized several initiatives in 2021:

  • Enhanced client capabilities

We released an upgraded user interface for Expresso®, our flagship CCM software platform, which also was awarded a U.S. patent last May. We expanded our products, too, most recently adding business-to-business payments as a service through a partnership with fintech Finexio.

  • Improved client experience

We created a client success department, recruiting an accomplished vice president in Wendy Poe to oversee the team and we expanded director roles to oversee solutions, service, quality, and support.

Amid paper shortages and price increases, rising postal rates and a slow-down in postal service, among other pandemic-related market and economic forces battering businesses, we succeeded in securing uninterrupted supplies and counseling clients on leveraging our cloud technology including Expresso print and digital, ExpressoPay, ExpressoVote, and ExpressoCertified to manage costs, productivity, drive efficiencies and experience for both employees and clients.

  • Restructured for greater effectiveness

Nordis reorganized and expanded the management team and infrastructure. We added 2 new senior leaders, 3 new roles, promoted 8 others and adjusted the company’s organizational footprint to boost efficiency and accommodate growth. We carved out a standalone research and development group and built dedicated product management and channel partnership departments. Headcount, both in Las Vegas and Coral Springs, has grown by one-third in the past 18 months.  Our ability to evolve has been a linchpin in our growth.

  • Leaned into Lean Six Sigma

During 2021, Nordis adopted Lean Six Sigma implementation. The executive team became Six Sigma champions, undergoing training to earn their Green Belts. In addition, we trained a Lean team of 12 that also earned Green Belts. Lean Six Sigma is now Nordis’ operational foundation, with the Green Belt senior executives cascading Lean approaches to directors, managers and daily operations.

Using Lean Six Sigma, we’ve already completed major projects, including streamlining client onboarding and restructuring production to accommodate higher volume and speed.

Taking on 2022

While we can’t anticipate all of 2022’s twists and turns, we do know that customer communications and payments will remain a core focus and central to the success of any business. This year, as in every year, our focus is to help our clients take full advantage of our print, digital and pay suites of cloud-technologies to seize opportunities and meet challenges.  I continue to be excited and optimistic about our team, our products, and this new year for Nordis.

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